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An Educator to be proud of

January 22, 2009
By Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
Jackiepurplerocks GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Such a great name for such a great person. Mrs. Dimitrova first came to the united states of America from Bulgaria knowing little English. She got a job bagging groceries so that she could learn English and then took to being a bus driver. She worked really hard and is currently a 7th grade math teacher.

I had Mrs.Dimitrova last year for Math and I don’t think that I will ever forget her. She has had a great impact on my life. For me math has always been my weakest subject and I haven’t always liked it. But last year I actually had some good moments in math!! Because of Mrs. Dimitrova. I remember that during the year I had a horrible time with taking tests and Mrs. Dimitrova was always there for me. She helped me during the year and when the dreaded taks came around I took it with a confidence that I had never had in math before. And I got a 98!!!!!!!!!!! I owe it all to Mrs. dimitrova .

She was always willing to help. She helped those that she thought needed the most work and she offered tutorials after school and sometimes before school. She was kind and when we succeeded even if it was a small thing she would be there proud of just knowing that a light bulb had finally gone off in our heads .
She had such an enthusiasm for math that you could tell that she truly loved the subject. The entire year she had pushed my fellow classmates and myself to rise to the challenge. Yes, sometimes she was strict and she was not always my fellow classmates favorite teacher but when all was said and done it was because of Mrs. Dimitrova who helped us reach our true potential.

It is amazing to think that she came to this country knowing little English and started her life here as a grocery bagger. And through hard work and dedication she has risen to a position where she can change the lives of the children she teaches.

She not only helped us shoot for the moon she allowed us to succeed and be able to stand with two feet firmly on the moon. She has given myself and others hope in math and has inspired me to keep on succeeding in the once confusing world of math.

She is someone to be impressed by. She help me when I thought that I could find no light in the dark world I thought was math. I am no longer in the dark ,Because of Mrs. Dimitrova. She opened my eyes to the great wonders of math. She is most definitely an educator to be proud of. I am glad to have had a tecaher like her.

The author's comments:
Mrs. Dimitrova is kind and helpful. she is one of the best teachers i have had.She is just such a great person.

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