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Ms. Bower-Math

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

My first day of school was nothing special. I still didn't know my fellow students, and the day was dragging by. The teachers didn't make it any better. I got to my eighth hour math class, which I thought was going to be dreadful. I heard someone being loud from down the hall, and I thought it was a student. But, when I walked into class, I realized it was my math teacher being crazy! She was so funny, and made me smile with every joke she said. From that day on, the clock just seemed to speed by every day eighth hour.
Ms.Bower not only turned into my favorite teacher, but also a friend, and a role model. She volunteered her lunch time and free time to help me with homework when I needed it. She was easy to talk too, and I could tell her anything. She wouldn't let me leave her classroom until she knew that I understood the homework. She is someone who influences me and makes me try my hardest. She doesn't teach like any other teacher; she makes me want to learn, because I can't wait for one of her funny jokes.
She makes class time fun, and when she can tell something gets boring, she always has something to say that makes the class all wound up, and ready to learn. Ms.Bower is like two different people in a good way. When it comes to class, she is the outgoing, funny teacher, but when it comes to advice, she can get serious and help you out with any problem you need.
I know I will look up to Ms.Bower in the future, and go to her for advice. I have never considered one of my teachers a friend, but to me, Ms.Bower is someone I can trust and always count on. She is my teacher and my friend.

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