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Mrs. Brown-AP Psychology

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

The popular student view is that school can be a very big waste of time. Why bother learning science, algebra, etc.? What role will they play in the real world? Have no doubt; Mrs. Brown will erase this notion from your mind completely. In its place, she will plant a passion for education most students will never experience.
It’s not everyday a student decides to tackle a subject like Psychology, especially at the Advanced Placement level. Going into my junior year, I did not expect much from my psychology class; I figured it would be boring and incredibly difficult. I also thought there was no way I was going to like the teacher. I assumed the worst; however, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into room 137 for the third hour of my first day junior year and was greeted by the warm, friendly smile of Mrs. Brown.

Mrs. Brown is a unique teacher, indeed. She begins every day talking about current events: what’s happening in the news, around school, and in our lives. A rare thing to find in a teacher, she genuinely cares about her students as people, not just as students.
Keeping a fun, relaxed atmosphere in the classroom seems to come naturally to her. Everybody looks forward to going to Mrs. Brown’s class. It holds a fun, happy atmosphere to learn in, which makes the information not as challenging as it would be if she stood up at the front of the room and lectured. We complete hands on activities and play games in class, which helps us care about and remember the information.

Life as an AP Psychology student isn’t all fun and games, though. There is hard work in Mrs. Brown’s class. No matter how many games we play, the information can still be challenging; she suggests we take extensive notes on the textbook in order to better comprehend the material. We also take notes in class almost every day, with Mrs. Brown explaining everything as we go.
Naturally, tests in her class are difficult, but Mrs. Brown always makes sure we are prepared and that we understand the concepts of each individual unit. She wants her students to learn the information; she is passionate about what she teaches. Her passion for what she does rubs off on students; seeing how hard she works, makes me want to try harder. I want to do well in the class. Most teachers do not have this affect on students. With other teachers, the majority of students will sit spacing out or texting during class. But with Mrs. Brown, the students can’t help but listen and hang on every word she says.

Twenty years from now, I doubt I will remember much about the four years when I attended Arrowhead High School, but I know I will never forget my AP Psychology teacher, Mrs. Brown. I also know the passion for learning and success instilled in me by Mrs. Brown will never leave me. Thank you for everything, Mrs. Brown, and for helping me see what is really important.

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