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Ms. Limmina

January 13, 2020
By brooklynrichardson002 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
brooklynrichardson002 BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
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       Do you like math class? Well I sure didn’t coming into high school, but then I met Ms. Limmina. She is one of the math teachers at Delaware Military Academy. I absolutely hated math class mainly because it has always been a struggle for me. Then, I met Ms. Limmina, and she has made it easy for me to understand. There is  just something about the way she teaches math that makes me really comprehend what she is talking about.

         In class, I don’t think I have ever seen Ms. Limmima in a bad mood. If she ever is, she surely doesn’t show it. That is a very good quality to have. I know I don’t like it when I walk into a classroom and my teacher looks like they’re in a bad mood, already it puts me on edge. I know that math with Ms. Limmina will be a good class period, and that sets the stage for my day because this is my first period class every day. Usually kids don’t feel like going to it, but I actually do. It’s one of the classes that I feel that I gain so much knowledge from, and I enjoy starting my day with Ms. Limmina. I am actually beginning to enjoy math this year, and I owe that all to Ms. Limmina. I never thought I would ever say that I like math, but I can honestly say I do all because of one teacher, Ms. Limmina.

        Ms. Limma is very smart. You have to be smart if you are a good math teacher, in my opinion.  Ms. Limmina can do problems as fast as you can snap your fingers. Some teachers it takes them a second to figure it out, but not Ms. Limmina. I truly admire that she knows the subject that she teaches. Also, if you're anything like me, you want to know your grade right after you take a test. Well, with Ms. Limmina, you do. After her class, I have one more class and then lunch. On my way to lunch, I can check, and it is already in! Teachers that take forever to grade stress me out. They stress me out because I need to see if I should start working harder, or if my studying hard paid off.  I know that grading papers right away is not an easy task and that is why I admire her for doing that for her students.

          An even better quality of Ms. Limmina is she knows how to make class fun. My class is very competitive, so Ms. Limmina has quizlet live for us. Everyone gets excited whenever we play this because we compete against one another. Also, she will switch things up so she doesn’t lose our attention when teaching. Her class is also fair. What I mean by that is, she warns us ahead of time about every test or quiz. Some teachers will only tell you the day before, but I like to study way ahead and be prepared. Her class allows me to do this since I know in advance of tests.  She also gives us extra credit opportunities. I love the way she does it too. Before every test she offers extra credit. The extra credit is an outline of all the things we have learned in the chapter. The extra credit not only helps us study, it also helps our grade, which is great for students who struggle in the class.

      Ms. Limmina really deserves the Educator of the Year award. She does such a great job teaching. You can’t really hate her class because of her even if you hate the subject. She makes math fun to learn.  If Ms. Limmina can make a person like me like math and understand it, she can make anyone. She deserves this award more than anyone else.

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