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By Aarya1 SILVER
New Delhi, Other

“Anyone who thinks sunshine is pure happiness has never danced in the rain”. I truly believe in this statement and think that rains are sheer pleasure. Frankl...
Aarya1 SILVER, New Delhi, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie

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By Wallypenguin PLATINUM
Brunswick, Georgia
Wallypenguin PLATINUM, Brunswick, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"Get thee to a nunnery!"

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By Saranya BRONZE
Stratham, New Hampshire
Saranya BRONZE, Stratham, New Hampshire
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By Anonymous
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videotaped GOLD, Geneva, New York
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"Hope and Memory have one daughter and her name is Art, and she has built her dwelling far from the desperate field where men hang out their garments upon forked boughs to be banners of battle. O beloved daughter of Hope and Memory, be with me for a little."
- The Celtic Twilight, W. B. Yeats

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By Anonymous
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Peter Egede BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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By sarahconte BRONZE
sarahconte BRONZE, VENTNOR CITY, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"If a body catch a body running in the rye."

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By garfish SILVER
Hartland, Wisconsin
garfish SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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