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Life is for the Living

March 4, 2015
By ShastaH GOLD, Olympia, Washington
ShastaH GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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I live for happiness. I live for the cold breeze that is swept off the mountains. I live for the peals of laughter that echo through the air in the summer. I live for the incredible moment when school is suddenly closed during the week. I live for the spray of waves crashing onto the beach. I live for the glory and magnificence of the world around us. I live for those short walks down to the corner store. I live for the pop and fizzle of drinking ice cold soda pop. I live for the light of the sun in darkness. I live for those times when I ace a test without even studying. I live for the smell of mint in the air during Christmas. I live for the sound of cheerful carols ringing through the air. I live for the sweet taste of sugar, and the salty taste of salt. I live for the sour taste of warheads, and the spicy taste of hot sauce.
I live because… what could be better?

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