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The New England Blazers: The Team That No One Has Heard Of MAG

By Anonymous

   The New England Blazers is just one team out of six in the Major Indoor Lacrosse League (MILL). The others are the two-time World Champion Philadelphia Wings, Detroit Turbos, Baltimore Thunder, Pittsburgh Bulls and the New York Saints.

The Blazers two years ago were an expansion team, along with the Detroit Turbos. Both teams finished with a dismal 1-7 record. The next season the Blazers lost their first two games, but won their next six regular season games, which put them into the Championship game against the Philadelphia Wings, which they lost at home 16-9. Meanwhile, the second year Detroit Turbos again finished with a 1-7 record !

The Blazers have been labelled as the MILL's Cinderella team of 1990.

I am a season ticket holder and proud of it. This season so far has been exciting for the Blazers (and me), especially when they pulled out a 11-10 win at home over the New York Saints in the final seconds.

The Blazers make their home at the Worcester Centrum, and this year, instead of playing eight games (four at home and four on the road), the league has decided to expand the season to ten games, five at home and five on the road.

So, if you haven't checked out the Blazers, check 'em out. n

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