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Rafting or Swimming

September 22, 2008
By Julie Watson SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Julie Watson SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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My family and I were on our way to a place called Kilpatrick. Kilpatrick was a place with a boat ramp and a port potty. It had grassy fields and nice fluffy looking trees. It also has nice sandy banks where the sand was hot! It was my 3rd time and I was really excited! We arrived and unloaded the raft and the kayak. (I went in the raft.) We started down the river and got about half way when I realized the biggest rapids out of the whole trip were coming up.
After a little while my family decided to take a break and got out at a place called the “eyeball”. After everyone swam for a little while then it was back to the float and suddenly a chill went down my spine like a lightning bolt in the sky.
Safely we made it over the first big rapid then the panic arose throughout the whole raft. We were sideways, my dad trying to get us straightened out when suddenly it happened! The raft went over along with all of its passengers! Everyone was panicking trying to get back in the boat!
Everyone finally got back in with no major injuries, just a couple scrapes and bruises.
Later we made it to our destination and everyone was happy to be back at home. To this day all of us still love the river and rafting just as much as we did before the scary experience!

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