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Because of you, i just want him more...

April 26, 2012
By BritishLittleDemon GOLD, Washington Court House, Ohio
BritishLittleDemon GOLD, Washington Court House, Ohio
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Dear Mom,

You said I could go to the library.
As I headed out you yelled “Be back by 6:30pm” like I usually do.
When I got to the library and up the pure white stair cases leading up to the doors.
I knew what was behind those doors.
A world full of enchantment and my best friend waiting for me.
She and I have known each other since Kindergarten.
We were always complete opposites though.
You always disliked her just because she wore tank-tops with thin strings, that she was able to have a boyfriend, and go every place in town if her mother said yes. Of course her mother always did though.
While she was allowed to, I was never to.
I was always a little jealous because of that.
I couldn’t have anything that she had, and she could have anything I had.
For example I was allowed to have a pet, but she wasn’t.
Is she got a brand new lap top, I was left with an old box desktop.
But on that day all I wanted was to hang out with her and have some fun, I never had fun with you or anyone in that house.
I don’t know why but I just didn’t.
We stayed at the library and whispered, giggling like every other girl would.
Soon it became quiet. We just sat there playing our portable video games.
That just started to bore us. It was almost 6:00pm and it always takes 26 minutes to walk back home.
After just seconds she said “Can’t we go to the park?”
I just said “Yes,” smiling, while briefly nodding my head.

I didn’t know why I said yes, but maybe because I didn’t want to leave her just yet.
We left the library and started walking to the park.
It wasn’t far from my house any way.
It was 6:01pm by the time we got there, I was afraid that if I stayed to long I’d be late and you would be furious.
We stayed there for only 5 minutes though because of that!
I asked her to walk home with me since she had her bike she could always be home in fifteen minutes anyways.
She said “Yea it’s ok that I do,”
So we walk the bike path heading home.
I asked her if she’d like to see the kitten if no one was home.
She just said “Heck Yeah!” smiling like she just won the lottery…
I smiled back, grateful that nothing has changed about either of us.
Just a block from the neighbor’s house, my mother was standing there talking to her “friend”.
She saw us walking.
In my head I panicked because as I already said “My mother always disliked my Best Friend.”
My mother looked away for just long enough for me to motion My Bestie to run, ride her bike away, anything for her to not be seen.
But I was too late she already saw that my Bestie was on her bike riding away.
I just kept walking away from the spot my Bestie and I stopped for just seconds, with my head lowered knowing I was I big trouble.
I saw my mother shoes.
I looked up.
She just looked at me like I just dropped all of her stupid “Pepsi” on the side walk causing it to explode in to foams and suds.
Most of the time it would cry if someone started yelling at me.
She did yell, not because I was with my best friend but because I was at the park for 5 minutes!
You just told me to head home now.
You followed, you got to the house first, you told dad what I told you, I get yelled at more.
How you both yelled at me just because of that, made me wish I wasn’t living in this HOUSE with YOU PEOPLE!
But instead of me arguing, being rebellious , of trying to reason with you both I just stood there with no expression looking at you both straight in the eyes while you both took turns yelling.
Like usually after you both are done I head to my room staying there for the next 2 day whether it’s a school day or not.
While I’m in there the only people I can contact are my best friend and the one guy that’s cared for me since I met him when I was 12, (using my P.S.P).
Too bad that he was the only one that actually tried to comfort me while I was depressed….
It’s been two days since that, but I won’t smile right now.
I’ve only smiled in these past two days, when I’ve talked to him or saw him…
I’ll thank him for that today.

The 14 year old wanting and waiting for that guy

The author's comments:
I really don't like the people in this house, but I'm truly grateful that i have my friend "Squishy"
so i thank him for comforting me...

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