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God's Punishment

June 25, 2009
By TalktalkKC SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
TalktalkKC SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
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What happens when God decides to punsih the human race for the damage they have caused? like a child in a time out.. sit them down and make them think and realize that theyve created a world of hell. What if God sat down with a small group of innocents, ones that were punished for what others had done, and explained that they would be the ones to fix the ruined world below? Omniscient to the situation when God releases the humans seen as fit back onto Earth to fix what they had done. Its like a completely new Beginning, the settlers had to again revolt, and Jews again had to suffer the Nazis. Only, to them, it would'nt be " again", it would be a new, terrible chapter in their history. The chosen ones, God's crusade, may in fact be able to assist, know what to do before it were to happen. These the thoughts in God's parental punishment. Perhaps, one brave crusader, remove the angst from Hitler's young life, removing any thought of the perfect race. A posed follower of Jim Jones, Removing Kool-aid from his mind. Quenching his thirst at an early age with something more... satisfying. Gratifying.Beneficial. Yes, life for the crusaders would be hard, knowing that if they failed, they would be part of the worst eras in world history. But, God chose them for a reason. So, there must be something important each of these second chances had. If only. The Time-out would be a millenia, and the corner of shame would be that place.. the world of judgement. at the end of the 5 minute millenia, the judgees, those punished would forget theire lives. And a new world would be created. If only.

The author's comments:
The Idea of a second chance for humanity.

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