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January 3, 2014
By supertigerMMC GOLD, Milpitas, California
supertigerMMC GOLD, Milpitas, California
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Do you ever look into that mirror and see everything that you don't want to be? You hide your insecurities with makeup, clothes, and your best smile. You stare at your body and face, wondering how things would be different if you were pretty or beautiful. Maybe someone would have noticed your pain or stopped to ask if you were okay. So you look down and sigh, everyone's always making sure that the beautiful people are taken care of first. After all, they wouldn't want to have their handsome prince have cuts on his arms or their pretty princess to have bruises on her skin. We are trapping them, constantly craving perfection. Once they become ugly, does society even care?

Is it beautiful that people want to die because they hate their lives? When kids are being bullied everyday? When people are in so much pain that they can barely make it through a single day? When society sets up all the perfect standards? Why can't they see that there's no such thing as ugly, only unique? Stop trying to be someone that you're not. Don't force change; it just happens. We change things so that they are pretty, why can't they be pretty without change?

Do you really think that it is beautiful that some people cannot even live their lives the way they want to? We've come so far that sometimes we can't even see the beauty in our own life since we constantly look for perfection in others. Why isn't the girl next door beautiful? Why isn't the boy across the street handsome? But, why, you ask, that you'd give such a high compliment to a complete stranger? We're living in a world now that a lot of people need just a little more love. Do you know what it feels like to be trapped in your own head and can't escape? You feel like everything you do isn't good enough. That's hardly what I'd call beautiful.

The author's comments:
Random venting. I'm just sick and tired of feeling so helpless. I don't want to have a crutch forever, I want to stand on my own. I only wish I could do more to be there for everyone... If this piece offends you in any way, don't read it and go read something else. Thanks.

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