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The Taxi Accident

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

The night of the Super Bowl my mom, her two friends, and I got into an accident. I’ve never been in a car accident before and it definitely was a shocking event.
I was on my back from watching the game at a friend’s house when all of a sudden another taxi cut us off. My mom mumbled something about drivers these days and I rolled my eyes. Our driver, doing the common “New York Driver Thing”, honked at the other taxi. He must’ve gotten mad because the other driver threw on his brakes forcing our driver to throw his brakes on and throw us forward. I banged my head on the glass as the driver reached for his phone to call 911.There were two huge dents on both of the cars and I could’ve sworn that the other driver looked drunk as he struggled to get out of his car.
My head throbbed like crazy and I still couldn’t believe the nerve of that other driver! I was getting really nervous though when my mom gave our driver everyone’s information so if the police needed any “witnesses” we could be contacted. Well, go Giants!! I hope you’re celebrating your victory happily… and safely.

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