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True Vision

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The human eye is the ultimate witness. Eyes are what bring us to reality, small portals that show us things we can’t even explain. People have become initially reliant on their eyes and strictly on sight. This leads them to believe their own eyes more than any other evidence exposed. But what if we could control reality and what we perceive? What if the mind is more powerful than our sense of sight?

Anything humankind sees, we instantly believe without asking questions. It becomes our illusion. When our flesh gets wounded, we don’t experience the pain, that is, until our eyes become the witnesses. If someone is totally unaware of the wound, if it does not exist, how can the person then feel pain? The eyes catch it, thus the word “pain” is thrust upon us. Think how much calmer we could be in situations where we were blind, completely unaware of our surroundings Many of us would first have to overcome the fear of loosing our ability to see. Being able to trust one’s mind can change an entire perspective.

I recently enrolled in a ceramics class. Since then I’ve learned more about controlling clay on a pottery wheel. The first step was learning how to throw a cylinder on a pottery wheel, but none of us could catch on. The teacher surprised everyone with blindfolds one day. Picking up the blindfolds, insanity was the only word that existed in our minds. Once everyone tried it, simple perfection connected. We realized we had trusted our sight too much. The mind and the hands worked together, flawlessly centering the mud. The clay was constantly ruined before because we molded the clay with our eyes. But by being unaware of sight, focus was driven to another place and created whatever it was we desired.

Eyes overpower logic. Our entire viewpoint is based on what we see, not what we believe or envision with our mind. The human mind, powerful and inventive, can perform more than sight. We need to start relying on what we personally believe, or what we even want to believe. If we can accomplish that, then we have complete control over our reality. Being people, it’s natural for us to have impossible obstacles. These are illusions we somehow see in our reality, illusions that form a true fact based upon them.

What if everyone could see what he wanted? Would people dramatically change? Reality is defined as the state or quality of being real. Thus, real is defined as existing or occurring as fact. But the truth is reality is more than one honest joke. Everyone has his own perspective, insight, thoughts. Reality is reinvented to a single individual, small and insignificant. Humans all share like emotions, experiences, hardships. This connects us, not the reality we see. The reality we see can be changed from what we believe causing everyone’s to be different. If a person truly and believes whole-heartedly in something, he will learn to see it. This is where pure vision is derived from, our own innovativeness, our own responsibility. The brain has the power and imagination to overpower and direct us entirely.

Believing is seeing. So caught up in what we think is reality, we forget not to rely on our eyes. Knowing our beliefs make us human. Any animal’s eyes can let in light; humans make their own light, even if it means insanity. We are responsible for our lives, we are to blame. Humanity defines the mind as the element, part, substance, or process that reasons, thinks, feels, wills, perceives, judges, etc. Humans defined reality, when will we believe in it? Not only do individuals live in different realities, we also have a choice. Choose to believe your eyes, or choose to see what you believe.

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