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Crappy Chemicals

December 30, 2007
By Anonymous

Crappy Chemicals

You always hear adults saying how crappy teenage years were for them, because of all the hormonal crap. Any teen when hearing that would be saying, "Back away from the scene", OMG your so embarrassing. Eeeks!! But it's true, if we didn't have those stupid chemicals messing with our heads every thing would be hunky dory. Black and white. But guess what as most of you know, it isn't! Many get frustrated, depressed, or just down right have problems. Everyone does at some point. Then there are some situations where we just don't know how to deal with things. In such cases many people can end up hurting themselves physically or emotionally.
And you can't put labels on them, like emo and what not because it could be the girl in the corner who always wears a smile. The "prep", "jock", or the "computer nerd". None of those labels matter. All of us have some form of issue. The problem comes in though when we don't know how to actually deal with the issue. But OUTLETS help!! If you have an issue find an outlet, something you (would) or like to do that's constructive. Take up a horse lesson, play sports, draw, if you like to read, READ! Instead of doing physical damage put all of those feelings into that OUTLET and express it. If you can't find something like that, find a trusted friend, adult figure, or hey a dog (Why not? They listen) and hash things over. Let it make sense to you. And if all else fails start a journal and fill it with ideas. Guys probably are thinking EW no way that's girls stuff. But it helps, call it a ..... "notebook." Or write a letter to someone or yourself saying every thing you feel, leaving nothing out (good or bad). Then throw it away or burn it! Just don't burn down your house! :)

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