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The Journey Through My Life

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Everything started in Guayaquil a mayor city in Ecuador; I was born there in the 14th of July 1990. During my seventeen years of life I have learned values, manners and responsibility among many other things that my parents taught me. One of the most important is the respect to others, I have carried this throughout my whole life and I plan to keep on doing it until death. As I got older I learned more things which are as important as respect; responsibility was one of them and also taught to me since the day I was capable of applying it, everyday I became more responsible because with time people get wiser. They realize. In order to fulfill your needs you have to be responsible. I have learned values. I have learned manners. Most of what I have learned, my parents taught me. My life has been based around values and I see the importance of them when I apply them in an incident where my actions can be analyzed, judge concerning these principles.

First and most important is always my family, because they are center of the world I spin around. We are well bonded this means that we take care of each other. When there is a failure in the family, I also fail; we are all together. Throughout my life I have failed my family in many things, just as everyone does but I have also compensated does failures with good actions showing them something that would make them proud of me. There are times when my mother says, “I am so disappointed in you”. To me that is one of the most painful things. That is worst than a punishment. But there are also times when she says I am so proud of you.

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