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Reading is Fun

January 27, 2012
By essiean BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
essiean BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
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I’m one of those people who can’t understand why someone would hate reading, not only is it fun, but it can take you away from all of your problems and help you forget about the rest of the world. You could counter that that is a bad thing; that reading isolates you from the world, but it really doesn’t, reading is the one thing that can totally take you away from the world you live in and into somewhere where you can smile.

I learned to read when I was 3 and have loved it ever since, but most young kids can't do that. According to The Child Development Research Foundation the average child doesn't learn to read until they are almost 7. Also, a poll taken by Disney’s Friends for Change says that most children between 8 and 12 prefer television or video games to a good book. I believe the reason for the book hate is the dreaded required reading. You have to read a book that most of the time isn’t very good (just because I like to read doesn't mean I like all books) and answer questions and get tested on its content. I don't know about you but I read my first in class book in first grade before many of the kids in my class could read. Kids just think Schoolwork= Bad, Schoolwork= Books, Books= Bad. The whole reading problem is all centered to required reading, so cut it out.

Another solution to that problem would be to encourage kids to read from a much younger age. In doing this kids would see how much fun reading is before they get the book-love sucked out of them by Hatchet, and Number the Stars. Authors can and should really help out too by making books more “fun” to read. Added illustrations and puzzles make the book more appealing from the outside.

In conclusion, reading is fun, don't listen to book-haters, get rid of required reading (peaceful protests, please), and have a wonderful day.

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