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Kids of the future

January 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Kids of the future
Science and technology matter a lot to me. The advancements in science and technology we make today will determine our quality of life in the future. As for myself, I’ve already decided that I want to be an engineer. However as an elder to the generations beneath me, I wonder whether or not they’ll carry on after me. The world will need them, but will they be there? Without being introduced to these fields, they are less likely to pursue them. Taking part to provide for them that chance is what matters to me.
As a precursor for what is to come, starting with fifth grade, I help students build a lego robot each year. It has to complete a task completely on its own following instructions the students gave it before the match. From this the students learn basic elements of programming, design, and other concepts such as interchangeable parts. At the end of their season, they are invited to visit my high school level robotics team. From then on they have a calling. Getting younger kids inspired and recognized for science and technology is very rewarding. When they play with our robots all of them ask, “How can I get on the team?” Of course any lego league member is a welcomed with open arms when they reach high school. We know they have what is needed. And when they leave high school, engineers will welcome them with open arms because they have what is needed. When their time comes they will ensure that kids are getting involved.
An engineer’s mode of thought is to change the world for the better. I’m hoping these students will one day inherit that mode of thinking. That taking place is what matters to me.

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