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Life is to short,Go for your Dreams and Goals,and never look back

August 21, 2011
By BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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"Be yourself and never change for no one, If they can't except you for you then don't have them".
"Go after your dreams, do whatever it takes to get there and never let go". "Live life to the fullest cause there is never tomorrow".

Life is way too short to have anyone tell you that your dream is just a pipe dream and stuff, live in the now not the past or future let everyday be a surprise cause you never know what just may come your way, Heck I never ever thought from a year ago I would have been going to New York and Meeting One Life to Live cast and or meeting Melissa Archer .I mean I am for sure a living miracle for sure. Brain surgery no joke I almost died last year my life was in god’s hands and for some reason he chose to keep me alive. I wish I knew why but My dreams goals everything I want in life I now have a second chance to make it come true and I am not going to let anything or anyone tell me I am not good enough, smart enough or that my dream of acting or whatever is just a pipe dream when dreams come true everyday!! I know for sure life is to short. Take my advice don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. If you got a dream chase after it run for it do whatever it takes to make it not just a dream but a reality and that's what I am going to do..A lot of actresses get turned down because they may not have the best figure and or they may be to short etc but did they give up HELL NO, look at Roseanna Barr no one wanted her because she didn't have a hot figure but look she had her own TV show called Roseanna and now she has her own hit reality TV show and I'm like people it shouldn't be all about the looks as long as one has the passion dedication and attitude to go for it and do it then let them. Don’t ever hold back ever cause not are you only letting down yourself your letting down your dreams and if we don't have dreams or goals then what the hell is the point of living????Dreams are happening right now for some people and goals too. I mean look at @melissaArcher she was still in school high school and her dream was to become an actress, she at 17 got her first major role as Sarah on a show I grew up watching Wishbone which was a great show and after she graduated she moved to L.A and made her dream of acting reality she is amazing as Natalie Buchanan on One Life To live, she is an actress and a person I look up too and I sure and was very grateful to have been able to meet her last weekend at OLTL fan club weekend..So don't ever please don't ever give up on your dream and goals go beyond the stars beyond what people say. Show them they were wrong, that's my plan. I live by it!!!A passion of mine to be a great role model for younger people and even older people. I've always been a leader in some ways and a great role model to my friends and people I don't know even know and I am proud to be like that. I have been through a lot in my life more so than I would have liked trust me but because of all that I am who I am today, I am a stronger wiser prouder etc person today because of it all.I can say a lot but I want to keep this easy and sweet and as short as I can... please do follow your heart,dreams,goals,passion and never look back but forward to what you have now and what the future may bring..No matter what kind of back ground you have or what you may believe or whatever stay true to yourself and dreams.

The author's comments:
I think from what I have wrote you can all get and learn a little more about me and what I am all about.Please comment,rate and Never give up on your dreams or goals,fight for the right reason for your dreams. Stay true to yourself no matter what.

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