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Stop Saying "Like," "Gay," and "Retarded"

June 16, 2010
By ElizNieves PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
ElizNieves PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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There's over one thousand words in the dictionary, and a majority of people, mostly in high school, use "gay" and "retarded." And, they also say "like" at least twice in each sentence. That is very sad. There are so many exciting words out there! Instead of using "gay" to describe an over-bearing homework assignment, one says, "asinine," "ridiculous," "annoying," "terrible," or "unpleasant" (the list goes on forever, pretty much). Above all, gay first meant "happy." Check it out online or read some classic literature (I suggest THE GREAT GATSBY). That sounds intelligent and non-offensive. Great!

Now, to retarded. That is, unfortunately, usually used to desrcibe a person who is different, usually because the person is supposedly not as intelligent or talented as most people surrounding that person or is too loud and crazy. That is always wrong, and there are no other ways to counter-attack this situation. However, if a thing is "retarded" for being foolish, ugly, or too hard to do, one should say it is juvenile, dumb, impossible, unappealing, unappetizing, killer, terrifying, and there are many, many more.

So, there are better ways to describe things.

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on Jul. 19 2010 at 11:14 am
FluteChick PLATINUM, Jefferson, Oregon
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Someone I know said "like" 24 times in one VERY LONG sentence. My friend counted. XD