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The Mirror Can't Answer

March 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Many times as teenagers we find ourselves looking into the mirror, and always finding something wrong. From the color of our eyes to the tinny eye lash out of place. No matter what, there is always some way to make ourselves look better. But then we remember that the exterior is just what people see, and that our character is what really defines us.

This year I have begun to notice more things than ever before. I have seen interesting things. I have learned that the majority of people on this campus are different from me. And there are only a few people I can my friend. I went from being very social, and then to being alone, now I am at a balance between the both. This is possibly because it is my senior year, and I don't want to miss out on anything. Me deciding to be an observer has taught me many things.

Some of the things that I have noticed in girls around campus are that they are obsessed with being noticed. They will do anything or wear anything. The things they say are enough to make someone fall to the ground laughing. But they don't get it.
These guys see them as just another girl, one who has a problem with her weight, and tries to be someone she isn't. 'Obsessive, underweight, and scared,' are words I use to describe them.
My best friend has taught me that there is hope for girls on campus. She has showed me that there are a few girls who are different. We notice that after graduation these girls will be lost. They will have nothing, besides a few diet pills and a list of guys.
The guys on campus love these types of girls, because they are so appealing. The girls are always looking their best, 'with their prom hair and makeup.' And they never show their true colors. Their mirrors are filled with makeup stains and disaster. They are unsure of what they want out of life.
As these young women grow and develop they will see how their actions define their future. Their mirror can no longer give them the answers it once gave them. Their eye lashes will no longer fall in the same order. At their character will reveal their true colors.

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on Apr. 3 2009 at 8:37 pm
This is so true! My school is full of girls who will do anything to get noticed, but the cold, hard truth is that they're all insecure. Because I don't act like so many other girls do at my school, I've always been kind of an outcast. My friends are mostly on the same page as me and we make fun of those "zombies", but it's also hard because we've been ignored and no one else will really take the time to get to know us. it's funny how human nature tells us to always stick to conformity, but at the same time we are strifing to stand out. Very powerful article!