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I,m From

September 12, 2008
By Anonymous

I’m from the monkey bar at the park
From falling down and scraping my arms.
I am from the trees I climb, that taste like dirt
And the crayons on the wall in red and blue.

I’m from sheep at my Grandpas house
From Gaylene and Mark.
I’m from snowboarding, going really fast
From my mom saying, “Don’t get hurt.”
I’m from feeding the chickens and dogs
Taking care of the cats

I’m from dirt bikes and ATV’s,
From hot chocolate and fresh fry bread.
From playing army and fighting
Taking off the training wheels on my bike
Behind the shed with my dog
The shed with lots of tools
That my mom told not to go in there

From jump of houses
From breaking my legs and screaming
From going to the emergency room
I’m from the black cast on my leg
From sitting and being bored when kids play
From getting my cast off to play outside

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