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Ashamed of America

September 24, 2011
By Zachrry BRONZE, Barrington, New Jersey
Zachrry BRONZE, Barrington, New Jersey
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I feel horrid to say this. But I am ashamed of my country. Not because of our president, or our people. Not because we have so many problems with children or our schools. Not because we have a split party system, or because we are in a war.

I am ashamed of our country, because they can honestly stand before millions, and lie. Lie about what our country is. They can stand before us and say that their conscience wouldn’t support same sex marriage. Because they stand before us and say “It is wrong.” But it isn’t because they believe it. It’s because the bible, or whatever g-d you choose to worship, has said “No.”

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” This is what the constitution says about religion. It doesn’t say “every religion except your own...” So, my question, to which I demand an answer, is…

HOW DARE YOU?! How dare you stand before me and tell me that I am wrong and you are right? How dare you do something so selfish and so intolerant of your fellow man, to ban them from marrying the person they love, based on your own beliefs. How dare you vote on the way someone else’s’ life should be lived.

I believe in G-d (No “o”, I’m an observant Jew), but I don’t believe he would ever tell try to stop love. Biblical scholars will tell us that Homosexual relations in the time period were between one man, and an un-consenting, child. I am not against right wingers, because I know some very exceptional people who are members of the right. But there is one major difference between them, and let’s say, former PA governor Rick Santorum. The difference being, they are true Christians. They would never prevent me, as a gay man, to not love someone simply because they don’t believe it. They tell me it’s none of their business. And it’s not. So what makes it yours?

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