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Six Hundred Years Abducted

September 19, 2023
By TreyDean BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
TreyDean BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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The aliens came with a huge ship

and weapons never seen by mankind.

They demanded to see our leader,

so I directed them to the president.

The president in return, sold me to the aliens

for their weapons and materials.

I was taken, strapped down, and brought

to an unfamiliar planet.

It took months to travel, surrounded

by hundreds of other space-sick people.

Many died.

When we arrived, we were again sold

for various metals and batteries which the

seller used to make more weapons.

We were put to work,

digging out in the fields.

looking for metals

to be polished and sold.

Every couple months we would get more help.

I felt betrayed by our president,

but after two hundred or so years, my hatred wore off

and became more focused on the aliens.

There were now AI robots that could mine so we didn’t have to,

yet, we still had nowhere to go.

We couldn’t live around the aliens

because they didn’t like to look at us.

We couldn’t go home because we

couldn’t afford a spaceship.

Another two hundred years or so passes and we

are declared equal with the aliens.

Then, protests arose as

we started to be killed off by the alien patrol.

We are not equal. Although we are supposed to be,

We are not.

Will it take another two hundred years?

The author's comments:

This article is not about aliens, but rather about the history of slavery. It is put in a modern story that it would be more relatable to teens reading this. It is supposed to make the story somewhat crazy, yet relatable for those who understand the metaphor.

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