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Not Everyone can be Tolerant

March 26, 2009
By alejandra quinones BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
alejandra quinones BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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Do you believe that everyone can be tolerant? I believe that tolerant and that people can be tolerant but some people choose not to be. Some people try to be tolerant. But not everyone helps the world to be tolerant. Why? Why is there hate crime? Why can’t it stop? Any person they see in the street they judge. Why cant they accept them for who they are . People. When they see African Americans they get scared thinking they are going to steel their money or something. Or when they see a person who wears the cover thing on their head they think their tourist

Also not everyone is tolerant because there is tourist like the ones that killed in the 9/11/2001.they killed almost more than 3,000 people. It was sad and terrible that they did that. They also want to hurt more and they tried but they had gotten caught. They want to kill Americans that’s why they try and get weapons and make nuclear bombs. Why won’t all this war stop? Why can’t people change their believes and be tolerant. But history can’t change people’s believes.

Gays, lesbians, and by’s there is no tolerant there. All they show is discussing examples for the children. Also people try to kill or hurt those people. I think that they shouldn’t do anything to them because they are normal people. Just like us. They have feelings. Don’t judge them for who they are. People are people. People should try to find tolerance in them and like people for who they are.

But in some way there can be tolerant because there has been changes in life made by people and people halved changed. like Mr. Luther King made a big change in life. He made people stop being racist to the other people depending in their color. And slavery also stop because of Abraham Lincoln. But not everyone change there is still people who are racist. So there is some tolerance in this world but not everyone is tolerant.

The Museum Of Tolerance has taught a lot and a lot of people to be tolerant. But we don’t change people’s thoughts about all of us. But there is people who are strong enough who do changes and make changes. And hopefully there will be changes in the future Because no one would like to go on another war like the Nazis and go through slavery or go through racism. And I wouldn’t like for on the other side of the world people to bring nuclear bombs to us Americans.

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quinn henley said...
on May. 28 2009 at 7:22 pm
last i heard "tourists" were good. try terrorist.

With all due respect( and pplease understand I agree tolerance is good)

but please check you historic "facts". Lincoln only went against slavery to have a real reason to force the south to stay. He actually penned several pro slavery bills that were never passed.