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That I believe

March 11, 2009
By Joshua Lopeaz BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
Joshua Lopeaz BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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By the time your done reading this a large portion of people are not going to like me but I don’t really care. The thing is that a large number of people living in this country, that work hard and do things that no American would ever do in their simple lives, are greatly looked at as enemies.

Enemies they call us, Mexicans, wetbacks, immigrants, and invaders. I have dealt with this all of my life even though I was born here. My brother, my sister, and, my parents are US citizens and yet we all have been insulted more then one could imagine. I don’t hate them I just pity them because they don’t know anything but skin color and accents. They judge them by these characteristics but not what they do to help them literally build a better country. The only thing that I do hate is what they say. “They take all the American jobs” they say. Okay first of all I can’t think of a single American that would even for an hour try what the “invaders” do. They do the most crappest jobs at the worst pay possible just to get a little food on the table for their family. Is this what an “invader” would do for a country that they have never been to do?
O and the fact that their breaking the laws by illegally coming to the United States is acceptable up to a certain point. But the thing is that they try applying for residency, or proper documentation to get into the U.S. but what is the point. They wait a long period of time when in their mind they already known they are not going to be able to get residence to the U.S. Personally I would say “the hell with this” and do what a large percent of them have and most likely will do. Go in illegally. But see they aren’t the only law breakers. As of December 31, 2001, there were an estimated 5.6 million adults who had ever served time in State or Federal prison, including 4.3 million former prisoners and 1.3 million adults in prison. Imagine the damage they have done to this country that they supposedly love. But the truth is they don’t, they don’t give a rat’s a** about it. All they want to do is have fun and screw up this country. The “wetbacks” work their asses off to not only help their family in desperate need but at the same time helping this broken place called the U.S.
The funniest thing that I have ever heard come out of a raciest person’s mouth is that all immigrants are Mexicans. I seriously don’t even take it as an insult but more as a joke because of how wrong they are. Okay the first mistake is that we have a CONTINENT full of people that can prove them wrong. The second mistake is that not all immigrants are Hispanic. The largest group is from Central America, almost 37%, but Mexico being the largest contributor there. The next largest group is from the Caribbean with about 10%. Asia contributes a full 25% of the total with South America, Europe and other regions making up the rest. Even though that most of the illegal immigrant are Hispanic only 37% come from Central America. This is not only what I believe, but what I believe in is the truth.

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