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Something I Can't Deny

March 11, 2009
By Joshua Lopeaz BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
Joshua Lopeaz BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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I can’t deny who I am. I am Hispanic, and Christian. These things define who I am and no one can change that. Actions can able to define what someone is as well as their characteristics. Looks are the most deceiving aspects about the human body. Criminals that have made big mistakes in their past are looked at as fuck ups and will never do anything good in their lives. I can’t deny that I have made mistakes just as bad as people that are in jail. But the one aspect that I can deny is what people think of me. I’ve been called a theft, a cheater, and a villain. Now I’m all I can be; I am generous, helpful, and obedient, and I do what is necessary to move on with life.
Deny: “to state that something declared or believed to be true is not true.” The word ‘deny’ also means to refuse to agree. I was accused of doing things that I didn’t even think was possible. But sometimes, denial is the truth. One must deny everything and all things that are incorrect, because otherwise you are just denying the fact that you are what you are and are afraid to let people see the truth.
I did what I had to do in the past and without those mistakes I would definitely not be here. In the eyes of others that look upon me I have done things that in reality I was just at the right place at the wrong time. Now I regret even thinking of what I did; now my life is more complicated and disturbing then ever. I wish I could have opened my eyes and realized what I was doing at the time but I was blinded by what I did. I can’t deny that I have hurt people physically, mentally, and emotionally to be where I am now, but that’s what I had to do for many reasons. I thought I had no other choice. I thought I did the only thing possible, when in reality I had more then I would have imagined. I’m not proud of the mistakes I have made but I don’t necessarily regret them because without those bumps in my road of life I would have missed something important that was right in front of me all along. I work hard everyday to make sure that I make the least number of mistakes but nothing is guaranteed. I believe what happens in this life will effect you in your near future. I am what most people would deny that they are, but I am proud to be here and to say who I am.

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on Oct. 23 2009 at 3:53 pm
kennedy_rowzz SILVER, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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"we can never truly know who we are"-afi

this is awesome!!! I think other people have somethng to learn from you thats for sure.