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A day at School

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

I walk into school and go to my table,
The one with the kids that share the same label.

I walk past the kids with the black clothes and chains,
I’ve never said Hello or learned their names.

To the kids that are in theatre I just take a glance,
Because I don’t know them I don’t give them a chance.

The ones with the preppy clothes I don’t really mind,
But still, to me, they’re just not my kind.

During lunch theirs the weird kid at the end of the way,
And by the looks of it, he’s been lonely all day.

While we shoot hoops in the gym and the annoying kid comes our way,
Some laugh at him and say he should just go away.

As I walk out of school I think of my day,
But I usually forget about it as I walk away.

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