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Give LOVE and SMILE!

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Smile you can help. Its not to late…….yet.
Our forest might not be in DESPERATE help but if we keep being how we are it will. Lets pretend you are a tree in our forest I am sure you would not enjoy being cut down just so somebody can pick their teeth! That’s what dental floss is for. (As you can see I hate tooth picks.)
But most products are a necessity as paper and wood. A lot of things aren’t made out of wood any more they are made of materials such as plastic (not good) metal and not used as much wax and brick most of all concrete.

Although we use paper we are staring to get more futuristic with things like paper instead of writing on it we use computers and more houses are being made of concrete.
Cutting down trees is not the only way trees are going to waste wild fires are growing larger and larger each year this comes from lazy campers and citizens they do not understand we could be in serous danger, plus wild fires aren’t only tree killers they kill animals and people to. Trees help our air stay clean and we need to breathe people! If you now what’s good for you, you should plant more trees, email is cool and never forget DENTAL FLOSS!
An other cool thing people are doing is planting little baby trees . so they can live longer and if we all did that for every we cut down I might not be writing this! More and more teens are getting involved say as if you were to go to a store in the mall or a cloths section in a store as in Fred Myer you would see shirts that’s see things that say “tree huger” or “love pink live GREEN” totally!
That leaves the rest up to you don’t be a jerk cause that wouldn’t be ok (I am bossy)even though shopping is fun calm it down! use more paper bags , good luck!

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