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Paper Extreme to Technological Solutions

April 30, 2008
By Anonymous

Paper Extreme to Technological Solutions

Do you know, entirely, how many trees are cut down into paper? Vast amounts of paper are produced from plenty of trees. It seems that people don’t know other ways to distribute information. The world has been improving technology for centuries. You don’t have to put your ideas on paper; you could put your ideas on the computer/laptop and your cell phone.
So many trees, so much paper! Not only are trees being used to make paper, they are also our life supply of air. Everyone really needs to think how trees help us everyday besides using them for paper. Trees give off oxygen, which living things need in order to survive. We are killing them everyday.
When you’re at work, at school or at home, how much paper do you use and how much paper are you given? - Don’t lie! At work, you are given loads of paper work, it gives you a headache. At school, its papers galore, everyday. At home is not so bad, but the children using paper for homework, and printing out any little thing. How about just keeping your work on technological devices?

At work, just keep the work on the computer or transfer it on to a USB port, which you can take with you anywhere you go. At school and at home, everyone could use the computer and the students can use a cell phone, laptop or a USB port to save their homework. Also, saving your work this way will be excellent to find, because you’ll be aware of where it is and it doesn’t look like paper. All papers look the same; you could just throw out any important information without even knowing
Everybody can still use paper, but lets all cut back, extremely. There are other ways to save, transfer and give information.

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This article has 2 comments.

bklyn said...
on Aug. 14 2008 at 7:40 pm
There is so much truth to this article. We print emails only to shred the paper later. I will definitely be more conscious of printing.

Msde555 said...
on Aug. 12 2008 at 3:35 pm
I think that this person did a fabulous job with writing this article! She made some very important points about why we should use less paper and I am not a high tech person. But, now this will make me consider using less paper!