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Amazing Grace

May 18, 2008
By Anonymous

One of the most ignored issues today is one that affects all life. Global warming and deforestation are happening at an alarming rate, but it still seems like a foreign concept. The earth’s temperature has been increasing, albeit slowly, but this is something we cannot simply reverse. All the damage we do to our earth is permanent, and though we have already done exceptional damage, we can stop it from worsening.

This issue has not yet affected us directly, so we choose to ignore it and continue on with our everyday lives. People have the need for visual evidence or proof before they decide that an issue is real, but by the time we have that evidence, it may be too late.

About one and a half acres of our most prominent source of oxygen is lost every second. Our life source, the rain forest, is being eliminated for our own selfish reasons. Christ will return eventually, but until then, we must take care of our home. We are trying to live on a planet that is slowly being destroyed, and soon, it will be like basketball players trying to dribble a ball on grass and mud. For the time being, our humanity depends on the resources God has given us, and it has become like taking care of a pet. Parents will not allow a child a second dog until he shows he can take care of the first one, and God will not replenish this earth until we show that we can be responsible and take care of it.

Showing this reality can only come with time, but time is of the essence and slowly running out. Many have taken the first few steps towards saving our planet, but our only hope for survival is that the all of the world will realize this before it is too late.

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