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Save the Water, Save the World

June 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Save the Water, Save the World

Water may fall from the sky, but fresh, healthy drinking water is limited. We all must help to conserve water, because it is the most important resource in the world. All organisms need water to survive, and our bodies are three-fourths made of it! There are so many ways to save water, from using and ultra-low-flow showerhead to turning off the sink while brushing your teeth. (For a family of four, this saves two-hundred gallons in just one week.) Saving water even means saving money. If you happen to have a leaking faucet, all of those wasted drops will be costing you. In addition to draining your money, this leak will drain 2,700 gallons per year even if it only drips one drop per second. Water is finite, not never-ending, so we must reduce our expanded unnecessary uses of it!

We will never have more water than we do now; we have the same the amount as we ever had since the earth was created. Ninety-seven of this water is in our oceans, so we cannot drink it. Two percent of our water is locked away in glaciers and ice caps, so we don’t have access to it. As you see, only one percent of all the water on the entire earth is available to us as fresh water. So, the next time you take shower, most likely being tomorrow; just shorten it by three minutes because this will save over fifteen gallons of water!

I would like to show people how much of a difference small changes in our uses of water can make. One simple way is to use as little water as possible when you cook. In addition to saving water each time, it will retain more nutrients in your food. Another way is to make sure that you always wash a full load of dishes and laundry. There is no reason to wash incomplete loads, because soon enough you’ll have more to wash! Regularly washing incomplete loads of laundry or dishes wastes around one thousand gallons of water per month! Just think of all the uses we have for water; how important it is to all lifestyles. Why wouldn’t you want to help conserve it?

Did you know that is takes three liters of water to produce a one-liter bottle of water? It takes a whole two liters to even make the bottle. Therefore, it is a good idea to reuse plastic bottles or purchase an eco-friendly one, like Nalgene. Remember, there are endless uses for water but the supply of water has an end. Never underestimate the affects wasting resources has.

It is so easy to add conserving water to your lifestyle. It is becoming more and more important, too, because the population of the world in growing so rapidly, and more people means more water. If we all do our part in saving water, it will make all the difference. Keep this in mind, it is not up to everybody else to make a difference; it all starts with individuals like you.

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on Dec. 4 2008 at 12:25 am
wow im so inspired by this! now i stopped taking showers so i save water! i love planet earth and gabrielle d! your so cool! im so impressed!