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Go Green!

April 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Go Green!

I saw this nutty commercial that made me think, a Reese’s one to be exact, simple message as could be, stop global warming… you don’t want to melt your Reese’s. It’s pretty obvious to ones tracking the results that our Earth is warming. There are a few in denial so let’s make up for their energy loss and get it in gear, anyone and everyone can do it. Come on people, we need to take care of this Earth; it’s also the only place we can live. Sorry, Mercury is a bit too hot for me to live on, what are your thoughts about that? There are tons for us to do to preserve the Earth, you can replace a light bulb or two, use a few extra blankets instead of your heater to save energy, carpool, or ride your bike maybe even with some friends for conversation. These all affect your wallet size too, it’s fuller! You can also do radical changes too like, getting solar panels or an electric car. That means no gas, and that would be about four dollars a gallon you didn’t have to spend! Talk about a great thing! So let’s all make a change and pick up the bit of slack for the others who could care less. Do something for your wallet and the world.

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