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Home Sweet Home

January 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Home sweet home. Our Earth is our home. And I just find it so ironic that people like to keep their houses in tip-top shape when they destroy their home
with Hummers and gas devouring Escalades. I mean it wouldn't kill anybody if they just sorted out their trash. And it wouldn't cause extreme depression if they walked every once in a while to lower the greenhouse gas emmissions. And well, thank God that there are some people out there that care like myself. I proudly recycle and use ENERGYSTAR items with confidence because I, unlike most of the people, know about the affects that the Earth is goign to experience if we don't do something now. So right now, turn off any unnecessry lights, recycle anything that is recyclable, and walk more than you drive. You're going to do humanity a favor.

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