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Unique Chapter 1

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

As we slowly walked beneath the golden shining stars, Brenan held my hand in his, and quietly said “I love you”. He started to kiss me, I obliged; I had waited a while for Brenan, and now he finally wanted me. He had always been a good friend; we’d known each other since we were really very little, and I had always hung out with the medium height, muscular, blonde boy. I smiled, looking into his woodsy green eyes, telling him that I loved him too. He kissed me once again, still holding my hand; we walked home to my parents little green house... “I should probably go inside now… mom you know...” “Yeah, and I should get going too, uh, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, k?” and I walked inside

BEEP; BEEP; BEEP the alarm clock rang again and again.
Startled at the annoying noise I jumped up in my comfy twin bed; laying back against my fluffy pillow remembering the night before; thinking of Brenan, and what had happened. I opened my bedroom door, only to hear dad yell “I can’t help it.” and the front door slam shut; mom was crying on the couch as I ran down stairs to see what had happened. “Mom? What’s the matter?” tears rolling down her cheek, her eyes fixed on the front door, I walked over to the fireplace and turned over a broken glass frame; I picked up a torn wedding picture, “Mom? What’s wrong? ”I asked hoping for the better, I stepped over to her. “Mom… is everything okay? Where’s dad going?” I said trying to get an answer. “He’s leaving,” mom whispered quietly. “What? What do you mean?” I said, trying not to believe that he would leave for good. “He is...” She said, barely able to speak “No!” I tried to argue. I dialed dad’s number, “who’s this?” an angry voice answered “dad?” “Oh, - pause- hi Beth, I’m kind of busy at the moment.” He said bluntly. “Wu- where are you?” I questioned… “Never mind…” “Mom’s crying on the couch and … Are you really leaving?” “Oh…-he gave a sigh- It’s just not working out between us Beth… I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you, or your mom. But it’s for your guys’ good. - he took a deep breath - we’ll talk more later, I need to go, someone’s calling…”he said hurriedly; the line went blank. It felt like a stupid T.V. show, everything’s going fine, until all the suddenly someone leaves, and nothing is clearly said. “Mom, dad’s just over reacting…. He’ll come back, once he figures things out. He wouldn’t leave forever.” I quietly said trying to sound confident for her.

I ran up to my room and called the person I knew I could rely on.
“Hello” a tired and gravelly voice answered on the other line. “Brenan? This is Beth.” “Hi, what’s up?” he asked, a little more awake knowing it was me. “My dad… he says he’s leaving us… I don’t know.”I said as tears streamed over my face. “You mean leaving, leaving? Like gone for good? He could just be having a bad day or something…” “That’s what I thought, but I think he thinks he’s serious... What should I do?” I whispered... “Just pray, and maybe we can talk some sense to your dad. -You want me to pick you up for lunch? We can talk about this there if you want.” “um, alright. thanks” About thirty minutes later I heard Brenan’s car pull into the drive way. I walked outside to his shiny blue convertible mustang. He kept on telling me that it would be okay, and I kept wiping my wet eyes. We ordered coffee at the little diner a couple minutes from home. He hugged me, and tried to comfort me and help me to know that it wouldn’t be the end of the world whatever happened.

The extra car in the driveway showed that dad had come home; I wasn’t sure if he’d just come back for his stuff, to yell, or to stay. Hoping for peace I opened the door to the house, “dad?” I said seeing that he was about to walk out the door. “I’m -- sorry,” he looked into me, as he picked up his last suitcase and walked out the door. I looked at mom I could tell she had been crying all day. I knew she’d never had wished for this in her life. But what could I do? Mom went out a little later; I hoped she wouldn’t do anything rash. I made some top romin and left it for her on the kitchen counter. After thinking about things, and trying to figure it out (which was impossible) I dozed of an hour or so later. Morning came quickly; I put my purple bathrobe on and slipped on my pink bunny slippers that where next to my bed. I pulled my red-brownish curly hair down out of the hair clips that I had put them in. I walked out my bedroom door, and down to the kitchen, I pulled my favorite cereal co-co puff cereal out of the cabinet had a bowl, and turned on the morning news.

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I can't wait for the next chapter!!!! that was awesome :)