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The Worst Is Yet to Come chp 1&2

January 14, 2014
By diamond1996 BRONZE, Pace, Florida
diamond1996 BRONZE, Pace, Florida
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Chapter 1

You awaken on the side of a hill with the sun beating down on your face. You have no idea where you are. All you know is that it is hot and you have no idea where you are. The last thing you remeber was that you were at a friends party and you passed out drunk on his couch. You are still in your cloths that reek of alcohol and vomit. The combonation of your hangover and the mid-day sun is giving you a massive headache. You sit up and take in your surroundings. Infront of you is a flat land sprinkled with a few trees. Behind you is the rest of the hill you woke up on. To your right is a dense forest. To your left is a lake. You dont recognize any of these landmarks. All you have is the bag you went to the party with,and the clothes on your back. You slide the bag off your back and look inside. Inside you find 4 strike anywhere matches, a bottle of water, two fishhooks and some line, and a note. you open the note and read aloud.
To the unlucky soul reading this, my apologizes for the sudden change of scenery but i am intersted in how the human mind works. You being a healthy young man were the perfect test subject. I can see your every move. you will be pushed to your limits and if you can survive all of my expirements I will let you go and let you go on with your life as if nothing happened. However, if you fail any of them you will die. No questions will be asked and I will feel no remorse. Your parents and girlfriend will be told you died in a car crash. Have fun and remember that I can see everything, and that there is no escape. Oh, one last thing you can never be sure if you are the only test subject.
You look up, bewildered by this note, thinking this is surely some prank by your friends. In your head you think all you have to do is find a road and someone will eventually come along. You stand up and begin your long walk down the hill. As you reach the bottom of the hill you decide to walk along into the open clearing ahead of you. You walk for nearly 20 minutes and stop to take a look around. All you can see is grass for as far as you can see. You have lost sight of the lake and the forest. You decide to just keep moving forward. You dont know what direction foward is but you keep going foward.
As the sun starts to set and the night begins to set in, a chill sets in and a wind whips up over the plain. Off in the distance you spot a tree and begin to head in that direction knowing you will need shelter for the night if it gets colder. As the temperature drops rapidly you take shelter under the tree and close your eyes and try to go to sleep. You are thankful that you wore a jacket to the party as the temperature continues to drop approaching freezing.
Off in the distance you can hear noises you've never heard before. One of the noises sounds like a high pitch roar from a dinosaur and another sounds like a unusually low bird squawk. You pass them on as trees rustling against the wind. As you begin to doze off, from across the plain the first of many tests rises to its feet and begins to hunt.
Chapter 2

You wake up to the sun shining in your eyes and your muscles sore and cramping. You stand up and stretch your muscles. You gather your pack and set off toward the rising sun. You walk for an hour and begin to get hungry. You sit down to rest your legs and make a plan. Around you is a vast open plain except to your right there is a lake. Remembering the fishing equipment in your bag you head toward the lake.
As you set up your gear you catch the smell of something foul, like a dead animal. In your head your brain is trying to tell you something is wrong but you wont listen. After the line is tied to a branch and baited with a grasshopper you found in the tall grass you decide to wait a bit and hopefully someone comes hiking by. thoughts fill your head. "Why has no one been out here?" you question noticing how untouched the landscape is. "Hopefully your family will get worried soon and send out a search party." you think. Negativity begins to creep up on you, "but they have no idea where I am."
All of the sitting around has made you lazy and you decide its a good time for a mid day nap. Sleep wraps its warmth around you and you feel almost as if you are floating. It is the best sleep you have had in years. You dream about a date with your girlfriend back home. You reach out for her hand hoping that she can help you out of here and make it all normal again.
As you touch her hand, a massive sharp pain shoots up your right arm focused at your palm. You awaken to find yourself above the ground and you feel blood trickle down off your hand. A glance at your hand almost makes you puke. There is a nail driven through your hand. You try to move but your feet arent moving. you look down and around your crossed ankles is a thick steel cable almost cutting off circulation. You are against the tree you were resting under. Just as you are wraping your mind that something bad is happening, a nail is driven through your left hand. You scream in pain and a once invisible creature makes himself known.
It has the body of the man but the head and legs of a goat. You recognize it as a satyr from when you learned abut greek mythology. Sadly for you this wasnt a friendly, helpful satyr. Even as you are two feet off the ground its eyes lock with yours. Never i your life have you seen such eyes. They are pure black, except for the pupil which is pure white. It sends chill down your spine. "Thats better scream, I like it when my prey struggles." he says with a smirk on his face. As he drives the nail in with one last headbutt he turns and looks at you. His face is level with yours as he comes face to face to you.
"I am the Gifted Satyr." he says. His breath reeks of fish and onions. "In this pack on the ground are supplies to help you survive. He points to a brown pack on the ground. "There is a catch however," A smile cracks his blank expression, "if you take the pack you will continue to hang there till sundown."
You cant see the sun but you know that will feel like an eternity. The reality has finally clicked in your head and you realize that this is truly a real dangerous survival situation. you decide to take the pack and say to the satyr, "I will take the pack and stay here." The Satyr smiles, then snaps his finger and he disapears. Your mind is racing and your heart is pounding and you begin to hypervenilate. Your vision begins to get hazy and you pass out on the tree your head hanging down limp.

The author's comments:
this is the first two chapters of something I'm working on let me know what yall think and if I should keep going.

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This article has 4 comments.

on May. 4 2014 at 10:46 am
diamond1996 BRONZE, Pace, Florida
4 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Yes. I think it would make the person connect with the book more.

on Jan. 23 2014 at 2:28 pm
MyAttempt BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1 article 0 photos 8 comments
So you're goal is to write it from 2nd peson so that other people could read as if they are that character?

on Jan. 23 2014 at 1:05 am
diamond1996 BRONZE, Pace, Florida
4 articles 0 photos 2 comments
To make the person who is reading identify with whats going on in the story more. instead of giving the main character a set look, the reader can insert him or herself in the main characters shoes.

on Jan. 22 2014 at 10:00 pm
MyAttempt BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1 article 0 photos 8 comments
I like where you're going with this, and the idea seems different and fresh. But  it definitely needs work and editing. Keep it up and ask people who have a good grasp on creative writing to help you edit. I find it interesting how you chose to write this in 2nd person. Why?