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A New Home

November 30, 2011
By snowgirl SILVER, Mooers, New York
snowgirl SILVER, Mooers, New York
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Alex where is she. A sharp cry filled the silent night air. I can`t see, I can`t hear, all my senses were cut off. It was like I am alone in my own world full of black darkness. My heart is racing and I’m alone and scared. I only knew one thing and that was that I had to escape. That sense was so overpowering it was as if it was the only thing in the world that existed right now. A dim light filled the room, I ran to it there must be an exit I thought, there has to be. I started to feel along the wall; there, my hand just brushed it. I tried the handle and the door swung open. “Alex”, I screamed. Where was she, my twin sister could get into a lot of trouble but this was drawing the line.
I carefully made my way out the door to find out what it leads to, and load and behold it leads to a new room. The new room was twice the size as the last room. It still had the familiar black darkness but it seemed kind of cozier. In the far left corner I could make out the shadow of a bed. In the far right corner there seemed to be a toilet. Near the back wall there was a sink. How great I thought everything I would need to live here, except a kitchen with food. I was filled with exhaustion, so I made my way carefully to the bed. One more night and I`ll get out, then I`ll have to find Alex I thought.
Was it just me or was it getting darker around here oh wait I’m the only one here I thought glumly. A light had smuggled its way in through the wall between the toilet and the bed. That’s where the door has to be I thought it has to be there. I climbed out of bed and stretched out my sore back and I cautiously made my way to the wall. I felt my way along the wall to the light, when I finally made it to the slither of light I felt for the handle. My hand brushed it and I tried the handle and I tried to turn it but the door was jammed. I backed up a few feet and ran into the door like a football player and it swung wide open. I was sprawled out on the floor and the pain in my back was worst. When I saw it there was a note on the floor and it said: the challenges only begin. The weirdest part about that message was it was written in red it, almost looked like blood. Then it clicked oh no Alex, I had to find her and fast.
Liz where is she. Everything was black and dark and cold. I just wanted to go home, I wanted to find Liz and get out of this stupid box. I tried to stand but a sharp pain in my ankle that prevented it. An echo filled the room, “is someone here”, I stammered. Is that a light? I started to crawl toward it but the pain was too much and I cried out in pain. “Liz”, I said“Anyone please help me”, I cried. Silence was the only thing that answered me and I started to cry. It wasn`t like normal crying, this was a total mental break down crying. I cried for about 4 hours straight and finally stopped, when I saw that the light at the door started to grow. It looked like it was coming to me trying to swallow me up. I am going to die so help me I am going to die I thought. What are you supposed to do between those moments of life and death when you know you are going to die? I started to pray, I was praying for Liz hopping she would be safe, live, have a life.
The light finally reached me, swallowed me up or I thought it did but it turned out to embrace me, take me into its arms, and protect me almost. At that moment I was no longer afraid of the light I was happy for it. It took me up into the light but instead of bringing me to Liz it healed my ankle. I gathered up my wits and started walking toward the door. I got to the door and found the handle almost instantly like by magic. When I walked into the room I just unlocked an echo rippled through the room. That’s weird I thought, the echo sounded like my nickname but only Liz calls me that. I started to sprint to the far wall where I thought the door would be. I felt along the wall real quick and found the handle I gave the handle a tug but the door wouldn`t budge. I started running through my mind ways to open the door when a thought struck me, why don’t I try to run into it like a football player would. I backed up about five feet and sprinted at the door, it worked the door flew open and I landed on the floor. A quick glance around the room told me someone was here but moved on. I started to sprint toward the door as fast as I could. When I reached the far wall I felt along the whole wall but I could not feel a handle. On the other side of the wall I could hear a faint moaning of pain. “Liz I coming hold on I’m coming”, I shouted at the wall.
Alex, am I crazy or am I actually hearing you I thought.’ My back is killing me”, I said to nothing. I got up slowly and took a look around. The room had pretty much the same set up but instead of one bed there were two and the sink was next to the toilet this time with a little screen blocking it off from view. Along the back wall was a state of the art kitchen, I walked over and took a peek in the fridge and cupboards to see if it had food and it did! I walked warily over to the beds and choose one for the night, I’ll stay here all day tomorrow and move on later to see if Alex can catch up.
“Liz”, I said weakly “`I’m coming “, I said, then I passed out on the floor. I woke up to nothing but there was a light coming out of the crack in the door frame. I tried to open the door again and this time it swung open. There was a figure passed out in the bed closet to the wall. “Liz”, I screamed running to the bed, are you hurt”? Oh my god I thought this isn`t Liz. It was a bunch of pillows put together to look like a person with a note that said: If you ever want to see your sister again you need to complete the following challenge: you will need to find your way out of the black darkness and into the light, by doing this I will let your sister go and if you complete this challenge I will give you your life back.
I started to cry how could they take Liz away I thought, she’s the only person I have left in the word. I have to get her back I thought; I just have to get her back. I ran to the wall and found the handle, I swung open the door and waiting right outside was a note. The note was written by Liz because it had my nickname on it. I tore open the note and read it, she’s in the maze I thought that person lied she’s her with me. I screamed for about a minute in excitement then I took off at a sprint to go and get my sister.
Liz where are you I thought, after I left the room I led into a hallway, so this is the maze I thought.” Liz”, I screamed I took a sharp turn left and collided with someone.
“Oh I’m so sorry I was just looking for my twin sister Alex”, I said. “Oh Alex it`s you, I take the sorry back”. I gripped Alex in a ferocious hug.” How could you be so stupid to come here”, I yelled. I was so angry I started to walk away but didn’t see the giant hole in the floor, it happened so fast, one second I was walking away the next I was about to fall to my death till my sister grabbed my arm before it disappeared. “You saved me, I take it back you can have the sorry after all”, I said.
I dragged Liz up and said “let’s get out of here”. All of a sudden a net was around has and carrying us away from the maze. We woke up in a dark room with our hands tied up. A door creaked open from somewhere in the middle of the room. A black silhouette approached us at a slow but steady and determined pace. The figure got close enough that I could make out who it was. ‘’ Lynn” I gasped, “why”.
“Because you everythinging I could ever want”, she said.

“That’s not true, we are best friends, equals at that”, I said bewilderedly.
“No you started to ditch me for your teammates and your stupid twin”, she roared. “But don`t worry I have special planes for the two of you”, she said mockingly. “ I’ll be the poplar one now, well you try to get out of this stupid maze, but be warned the maze will never end not as long as I walk this very earth, you will be trapped here forever”, she said.
After that she pushed a button I me and Liz disappeared into the black darkness that started to feel like home.
Alex, she was right next to me holding my hand. “I will never lose you again”, I whispered into the darkness. All that answered me was a returned squeezing of my hand. The room we were so rudely dropped into was set up like our house. Alex and I went upstairs to clam a room, but were so scared of being apart ended up arranging a room together in the master bedroom. Alex was poking around the house when I heard a delighted shriek coming room the attic. I ran up stairs to the attic as fast as I could. When I got there I saw this big lever labeled kill switch for the maze.
I was about to pull the leaver when I decided not to. Liz I started “what do we have back home to go back to”. “Our parents don`t care about us, so what do we really have to go back to, why not stay”, I said in a quiet voice?
A small sob was all I could manage, “oh Alex why would I want to go back”, I sobbed. I ran back down stairs to our bedroom and started to sob.
So that’s how it was decided. Liz and I decided to stay with our new family, the darkness.

The author's comments:
This is a story about two twins trapped a fighting to get out.

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Skiff Girl said...
on Jan. 22 2012 at 9:41 pm
Wow! That was really intense. I think this would be a little better if you shortened it in the beginning with trying to get out of the dark room but I like the twin element and the "new" home, kind of like a parallel universe. More sci-fi...you remind me of someone else I know!