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A True Lady

February 10, 2011
By Bianca Santisteban BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Bianca Santisteban BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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(Fallan and Josephine are sitting at the tea shop. Fallan and Josephine are best friends and have been for 8 years now. It’s a calm day in the town of Rochester when they start gossiping. Fallan is tall and lean with chestnut hair and light brown eyes. Josephine is petite and has black hair with dark brown eyes. Fallan sips her tea as she stares across the street. She taps Josephine on the shoulder.)

Fallan: “Josephine..do you see that fine man there? Across the street?” (Fallan nods her head towards the crowd of men.)
Josephine: “Which one? There’s plenty of them.”
Fallan: “The one with the green eyes.”
Josephine: “Oh, you mean across the street, where I can’t see them? ( Josephine with an excited smile)
(Fallan took in a deep sigh)
Fallan: “Yes, but I can spot his eyes in a crowd of a million…The one with the grey suit.”
Josephine: “Oh, he’s quite handsome. (She paused, starting to look curiously) Why do you spot him out?”
Fallan: “Isn’t he gorgeous? He’s told me before I am. He’s a charmer. (Fallan looks dreamily at him, Josephine starts to ask questions.)
Josephine: Oh…when did he tell you this? How recently?
Fallan: (She springs up happily) “Everyday!”
Josephine: “Really? And where does he tell you this?”
Fallan: “I’ve recently got a job as a mail sorter and I see him there. We talk quite a bit. He’s so flattering.”
Josephine: “You never told me you got a new job.”
Fallan: “I’ve been busy.”
Josephine: “Busy enough to not tell your best friend? THAT busy?”
Fallan: “….He just makes me forget everything.”
(Fallan continues to dreamily stare at him while Josephine stares and analyzes Fallan’s body language. The man starts to walk towards the tea shop. Fallan fixes herself up while Josephine quickly gets up.)
Josephine: “Um,…I’ll be right back…”
Fallan: (Fallan smiles at him, winking.) “What? Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”
(Josephine goes to the bathroom. She locks the door and starts to think to herself. While looking in the mirror, she gets a mix of feelings of both shock and betrayal. She starts to speak.)
Josephine: “I can’t believe this…How could she do this to me? But, it isn’t her fault..It’s all his. He told me he loved me, that we would be together. That after loving me he couldn’t love another..On bended knee, you give yourself to me but what are you worth if I’m not worth the truth…(Josephine starts to cry) No, it won’t be like this, a true lady never cries over any man.
(Josephine fixes herself up and leaves the bathroom to find Fallan and her ex-lover talking. Giggling and flirting in the air, Josephine can’t help but be angry and bitter. As the man walks away, he kisses Fallan’s hand and bids her goodbye. Fallan, watching him leave takes a sip of her tea and takes a deep breath in. Josephine sits down next to her.)
Fallan: “What kept you? You missed it.”
Josephine: “Missed what?”
Fallan: “His proposal.”
Josephine: “His proposal for what?”
Fallan: “Marriage.”
Josephine: “Oh,…Congratulations.”
Fallan: “Yes, he took my hand and looked me in the eyes..and professed his love for me. He said that after being with me, that he couldn’t love another woman. He promised me that he would get his mother’s 10 karat, tear cut diamond ring.”
(Fallan takes another sip of her tea and asks the waiter for a new cup while Josephine looks down at her hand and sees the diamond ring. She turns it on the inside of her hand and looks at Fallan. She swallows her sadness in for Fallan.)
Fallan: “Well, you don’t seem that excited for me…What’s wrong?”
Josephine: “I…have to go..I’m very busy..”
Fallan: “With what may I ask?”
Josephine: “Business”
Fallan: “Ok, well, I suppose we’ll chat later about details for the wedding.”
Josephine: “Ok sweetheart.”
(Josephine gives Fallan a kiss on the cheek, and says goodbye. Josephine starts walking down the street.)
Josephine: “If I get my business done, there won’t be any wedding.”
(Josephine has an evil look in her eye while she crosses the street to get to the trolley.)
(Josephine gets to their home, her and her former lover’s home. What was once a household of love and happiness is a place of betrayal and heartache. She goes in and sees that he was on the phone. He hung up and starts to come towards her. Josephine tells him that she knows about his affair with Fallan and how they were to be married. He denies this accusation and tries to reassure her. Josephine walks toward the kitchen to get away from him.)
Josephine: “You promised me that we would be together, that there was no other. A promise is a promise.”
(Screams are bellowed throughout the household. In a blind fury, she reaches for the drawer. As he yells that he loves her, all became quiet. She sits next to him in his favorite chair. As she sweetly smiles at him, she fixes his collar.)
Josephine: “A true gentleman always has his collar crisp.”
(Josephine takes off her bloody gloves and fixes her dress.)
Josephine: “And a true lady never leaves a mess”
(Josephine picks up the phone, and dials the operator.)
Operator: “Yes, how may I help you?”
Josephine: “I’d like to report a murder.”
(Josephine then hangs up and walks out the door. With a smile on her face, she walks past the police cars and ambulance. With sirens ringing, she still stays a true lady.)


The author's comments:
We both wanted to write as thriller about a true lady.

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