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The Elizabeth Killer

November 26, 2010
By Gabrielle. BRONZE, Gloucester, New Jersey
Gabrielle. BRONZE, Gloucester, New Jersey
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You may say I am a psychopath. Or a person with a mental illness. You could say I am flat out crazy. However I would say I am a poor soul suffering from war. My name is Kenneth Burns. I was a general in World War II. After fighting people and killing people I developed an urge to murder people. After almost murdering my wife, Elizabeth Grace I was murdered. You see, I am just a poor soul being punished in H*** from suffering from war. I will tell you my brilliants plan on how Elizabeth was going to die.

It all started after I returned from the war. She had been acting different for awhile. And she treated me ever so rudely and I was tired of it. So I planned out the perfect murder. I planned to take her up to the mountains in my parents old log cabin. Than when she would prepare dinner I would poison her drink and than stab her right in her heart. Why the heart you ask? Because she is evil! I planned to kill her on June 6th at 6:00 p.m. You see, I do love her, but she is so evil. I don't know what it is but she has always given me this feeling that says she is Saiten.

Every night after supper for a week I would read a journal. It was where I wrote down my murders that I have committed. My favorite murder victim to read about was, Jayna Jacobs. I murdered her after she hit my granddaughter when she was babysitting her. She claims it was accidental but I didn't believe her. So I "accidentally fell" into her when a speeding car came down a street. I can still hear her screams, her begging to stop the pain, and her yelping. I started to write about Elizabeth's soon to be murder. And when ever I heard her creep up the rotting old stair I would hide the journal in a crawlspace under my bed. The best part of it was that she didn't even know it was there!

The night before we left for the cabin we ate a big supper. Me and Elizabeth have gotten into an argument though. She was mad because I didn't compliment her cooking. I couldn't taste anything. To tell you the truth I couldn't taste anything for awhile. It was actually nauseating to eat. When we finally arrived at the cabin it was 5:30. I had her prepare dinner. I poisoned the drink and left the room to unpack. I felt so smart. I went to dinner and sat with her.

"How is your drink?", she asked me.

"Really good. How about your's?", I said sounding so smart. It felt so great to outsmart her...or so I thought.
"Its really good, I guess your drink is better since it was poisoned!", she said with a you-can't-out-smart-me-attitude.

"H-how did you know," I asked.
"Well, when I was packing for this little trip I found a crawlspace. And I opened it to find your murder journal, you can't outsmart me Kenneth." She said.

"You are smart." I said really weakly.

After that all I could remember was she lightly kissed my forward and than said she loved me than I was dead. I suppose even the best plans can be ruined. I am left to burn in H*** now because of my actions. I don't regret what I did, however I do regret Elizabeth finding out.

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