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the man we killed ch.4

November 15, 2010
By johnjohn123 SILVER, St.helens, Oregon
johnjohn123 SILVER, St.helens, Oregon
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We looked at each other with horror for a second, when Rose took control.”Ellen go pop the trunk,” she said loud and fast, as Ellen ran to the front of the truck, rose turned to Bree and said, “Bree, there’s a blanket in the back seat of the car, go get it. Rachel, look and tell me when you see the car coming around the bean.” As she finished telling Rachel what to do, Bree came back with the blanket. Then she turned to us boys, “Todd, Devon, pick up the guy in the trunk. Bree then you put the blanket over the guy. Whoever is coming, they may look in the trunk and we don’t want them to see the guy.” They just starred at her blankly. “Do it you lazy idiots!” That woke up and started to do what she told them to do. “John, grab a hold of Peter. And Jared, punch him, as hard as you can.”

“What!” Peter yelled at her.

“Jared, John just do it!” She screamed at us. I grabbed a hold of Peter, under the armpits and around the head, as hard as I could, and even though he struggled I wouldn’t let go. When Jared through the first punch, even I could feel it, and that was going through Peter! He did it again, and again, until Pete was yelling in pain, he fell to the ground, moaning and clutching his stomach.

“I see the car!” Rachel yelled over her shoulder, but I still couldn’t see the car. This all happened in less then a minute. The car pulled into view right as Devon, shut the trunk door, and Peter crawled, toward it, so he could lean against it. I thought it was enough, but Rose didn’t apparently. She ran toward him, knelt down by him and asked,

“Peter are you all right?” I heard, a car door slam, but I didn’t dare look to see how it was. I just kept my eyes on Peter and Rose.

“No I’m not all right, “Peter yelled at her (well actually it was more like a moan), “You just-“

“What’s the matter?” I knew that voice anywhere. I turned around and saw Jenny Willows, standing in front of her boyfriend’s new, silver bug. Her bright red hair hanging loosely around her shoulders and her forest green eyes looking at Peter worriedly. “Is everything ok?” I forgot how much I hated that voice, that little kid voice when she pretends to care.

“He got a really bad stomach ach on the way here,” Rose explained. I was amazed at how well Rose played her character, her eyes were perfect, not showing a hint of worry, her face looked beautiful, but showing a little worry, like she was worried about Peter. I don’t think that Jenny believed her whole heartedly and Rose saw it too. She crossed her arms and I could see a little smile on her lips, then she asked, “So where’s your boyfriend, I mean isn’t that his car?” the question hardly came out of her mouth when Jenny answered in a hurry.

“Evan got the flu, and since my car is being a b****, he let me use his.” She’s such a bad liar.

“Look, we better get Peter to a hospital.” Devon said

“Yeah we should.” Jared agreed, “Come on Peter.” Jared grabbed a hold of Peter and started to help him to Todd’s car.

“Come, on, lets go,” Bree said, as she started to head for the car.

“Yeah, lets go,” I agreed, “Oh, it was good to see you again, Jen.” I turned and started to head for my car, when Jenny called out.

“Yeah, have a good- what’s this?” I turned around right as I her kneeling down and grabbed something off the ground. Even though it was to dark to see it, I knew what it was. “Is this- never mind.”

“Come, on, Bree,” I say as start to pick up the pace. Once we got in the car and stated to go, I turned to Bree and said, “She knows!”

“You don’t know that.”

“I saw her pick up the guys driving license!”

“She`ll just think that someone before us left it there.”

“But you don’t know that. I mean she may be dumb, but she’s not that dumb.”

“No, you right. She`s smart, but lets hope that’s what she thinks.”

“Yeah, lets hope.” But I knew in my heart that she knew something was up. I turned around to face the road.

As we were driving down the mountain, I realized something. So I had Bree put my phone on speaker and she dilled Devon’s number. It rang three times before he answered. “Hello?”

“Devon.” I say.

“What is it John?” He sounded annoyed but also worried.

“I was just wondering, were are you thinking about dumping the body?”

“Well we were thinking about dumping him in the river.”

“Ok,” I say with a sigh. “So were are we going to do it?”

“I still say we just leave him on the side of the road.” Someone said in the back round.

“No, we already decided.” Yelled Devon, then he said, “I was thinking we could just dump him in at the docks.”

“Um, ok, so we`ll see you there.”

“K, bye.”

“Bye,” I hung up the phone and let out sigh. Nether of us said a word till we got to the docks.


As we got out of the car I stared at the docks.

The docks were deserted and I felt a soft breeze blowing. It was pitch black out and the only light we had was a flashlight Emma found in her car. We all looked at each other for a minute, and then we stepped onto the dock. The dock squeaked a lot as we walked onto it, and though I would never admit it. I was terrified.

“Are you sire we should be doing this? What if we get caught?” Rachel asked.

“We wont get caught , if you shut up.” Grunted Todd, because Devon, Peter and him were caring Nicolas. “Come on, lets get him to the end of the dock. It’ll be the best place to dump him.” As we got nearer we all started to get more and more nervous. Once we got to the edge of the dock, they lowered him to the ground, and got ready to dump him in when soothing stopped them. “Oh, my god.” We turned slowly and saw Jenny walk out of the showdowns of the night. “What have you done?” She didn’t yell it, didn’t scream it, she just said it. And she didn’t look scared or angry, she looked stunned.

“Jenny, please don’t say anything, please.

“Emma`s voice was desperate and even a worm would be able to see how scared she was. Her hands were outstretched as if to protect herself from Jenny.

“What did you do?”

“Todd hit the guy with his car on the ay up to the party. And this was the only way how we could think of , of getting rid of the body, without anybody knowing.” Jared explained, and apparently he didn`t think it was enough, “look if you don’t tell I’ll do all your homework for the rest of the year.” I was amazed Jared was doing this. He never used his brains to get something, never.

She let out a long sigh before she said anything. “Look, I wont tell,” that was a sigh of relief to everybody, “But only because my parents don’t know I was going to that party. We better get rid of that body, like fast. If People see four nice cars in the parking lot at this hour, their going to wonder.”

“Come on, lets do this.” Peter said, Peter, and Todd got to their knees and rolled him off into the dark water. As he hit the water it made a louder splash the I thought it would, and all I could think about was his body sinking down into the cold black bottom of the river.

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