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August 21, 2010
By DaddyzUnwantedDolly PLATINUM, Raliegh, North Carolina
DaddyzUnwantedDolly PLATINUM, Raliegh, North Carolina
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"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."~ Dr. Seuss

Have you ever seen the movie, 'Jawbreaker'? You have? Good.
You see, this tale of mine is quite similar.. Despite the accident part...

I slam my laptop shut with an ugh full of frustration. Walking to the mirror I grab a brush to fix my hair wondering why it is so hard to congure up a simple tragedy story...UGH.
My life sucks majorly. My mom is dead. Horrible I know, but it happened when I was rather young... Right now I'm getting ready for a party daddy throws every year in memory of her. I find it embarrassing, but.... I don't know what love is like. I'm fifteen and have yet to fallen in love with any guy. I toss them aside like boring lollipops. I get asked out, yah. I just... Don't like them that way or atleast any of the snob-blobs that bother to ask. Most just assume I want to bow down and kiss their polished shoes like other girls whom actually drool visibly.
I pull on my boots and throw on a random jacket to cover my tanktop's.... lack of coverage. I smile at this thought and run outside forgetting to lock the door as I attempt to catch the bus for once. I always miss it....BLAH. Anyway, it isn't raining today so I should be fine.
Sitting in my usual seat I breathe a sigh of relief and set my purse next to me realizing I forgot my backpack. I silently curse myself as I check to see if I had any thing due today.... Math! Shiznit! I dimly remember dropping my cherry lolipop on it.
I'll just ask Amber... I guess... Maybe I'll run over to Math and do it before class... I smile, glad I started to carry pens in my purse. I'm getting the hang of this I think.
Five minutes later I'm walking through the familar corridors to my third block math class. I sigh in relief when the light is on. I go to knock but recieve no answer. I peek through the window and gag on saliva, which is threatening to turn to drool..ew, we have a sub... and... he is making out with a... twelve year old? I open the door which is unlocked and they both jump to a stop and pretend to have a normal conversation.
I notice the girl is shaking. I ask for my paper with full intentions to ignore the shaking sl** but am interuppted when the sub introduces himself and adds that the girl is helping him today. I pause and fling when I realize he called her his daughter. I ask how old she is, 12. Ofcourse.
I turn abrudtly and leave the classroom but he calls my name. He knows my name?
He tells me this is to remain a secret and that I never came here. I turn to him with a disgusted look on my face. I tell him no promises. BIG mistake.
His daughter whimpers and I turn to see her crying and him squeezing her arm to keep her from saying whatever is on the tip of her tongue. She stops and he lets go, uncovering a bruise that seemed to be overlined with various attempts to keep her quiet. She sobs back her words and looks down.
One glance at her eyes tells me something is mentally wrong with her. I ask for her name and before the man could stop her she meekly but quite quickly answers, " I donno."
I walk up to the man and pin him down with my quick arms, wow he is weak, and ask for her name.... no answer just quiet cussing and a threat or two which I push away. He spits in my face, great evidence to this occurance, and I inpulsively pull back... Not quick enough.. I had turned around to run to some random authority. He obviously knew my intentions and quickly pushed me. I 'tripped', as he would later tell the policemen, and hit the corner of my eye.
"Try to tell now." He taunts me as he creeps up to look down at me.
Now here's where I made my mistake, I got up. He then pushed a desk on me,or so I thought. These desks are heavy when they fall dude. I hear an unwelcoming crack but surprisingly feel no pain... But I see blood and lots of it coming from his daughter. The unnamed girl. I wince and attack the man. The girl jumped in the way to help me when she needed the help. The man fell to his knees and started licking the blood like a gruesome lollipop. I grab the girl and run as fast as possible to the office.. her blood trickling a trail behind me... her blood.
I scream at some random person to call 911. A woman comes and checks her pulse. She looks at the ground and I know. She's gone.. I failed. I sob and reach out to push the hair out of her face when HE comes. He screams that I did it cause he wouldn't give me a math sheet. I blanch and deny it but all eyes are on my blood covered hands and clothes then the cut on my head... To him, clean and cut not a scratch.
I realize he changed his clothes and shout, "Liar!" But am cut short when a teacher grabs me. I go limp and decide it is best to stay silent. He tells them a totally differant story. A story that everyone believes. A story that will ultimatley ruin my life.... A story.....
I blink and watch the man suddenly double over and gasp one last sentence, " I loved my molly, you killed her.....killed her....My Molly."
Ten hours later both of them are dead and I am found guilty. Sentenced to death in ten days. My dad cries... I... Just stare in disbelief and have now convinced myself this is all a dream. Yes a dream. That night, while looking in on my room for the last time. A Tuesday, with a slight chance of snow... Yah right. At ten, two minutes 'till. I am going to kill myself.
I stand up on my bed and count down. I jump and my neck slices from my fan. I put it up on the really fast speed... I wish I could have done something less messy but did't have the chance.
Less than ten seconds later my cell phone recieves a text message from a friend saying I am innocent and that they found 'evidence' in the man's house that I was free.
That friend sat in confusion staring at her phone waiting for a joyful reply, but decided I was celebrating. An hour later she recieves a reply and is driving. She smiles and with one hand steering the car she reads in astonishment.
------------- She's dead. She killed herself....---------- Her daddy.
She of course had to add more drama by crashing her car into a children's bus. Making it explode and kill just about them all.
Ten hours later a pregnant woman choked on a cherry lollipop watching this on the news. Her husband was on the death list.

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