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The Consequence of Fear

July 12, 2010
By chargertien GOLD, Forest Hill, Maryland
chargertien GOLD, Forest Hill, Maryland
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Life sucks and is unfair. But when a melody dances in the wind, stop and enjoy the peacefulness.

I must tell you of my story. The story of how I lost myself. Madness surrounded me, and darkness wounded me. I need to tell you how this happened to me, and how I came here to this institution.

With fists of ire, he infects. With bones of water, I flee. A hellish anger overcomes him, while I become frightened piece of poultry. He is the all mighty rhino when I am just a little guppy. Each punch he hits me with, I lose myself to him. I can do nothing as fist after fist strikes me. In the gut. In the back. In places that will not show. So while you see nothing, I feel everything.
But as his hatred consumes me, I feel the power. I feel the control. I feel superior. Others now flee from me. The frail. The feeble. The weak. The pathetic excuses of life pass me by and I let them know they are so. I see the light and smile as I pound it out of the way.
Soon the darkness entered my fibers. The water turned into ice and shattered because it shook so much. The fear became visible as my being started to tremble. This blackness, this shadow, this evil, which overcastted my life. A silhouette of my past was all that was left. The memory I couldn’t remember now.
What happened before this night? I will tell you. Nothing. I am great because of what I called darkness. But what was the reality was that it was the key that freed me. Fire warmed my soul. Hatred is an illusion. Anger is nothing. Authority is the reality. Power is everything! Anyone who does not thing so is an idiot and wrong.
I fear his power. He makes my legs quake as he walks. My skin is on fire, and the flame is marching inwards. I don’t know what’s wrong, with me. I have done nothing to anger him. So why me? Why am I the prey and why is he my predator? I’m scared.
Anyone who fears should be afraid as walk by them. Let them faint. Let them wet themselves. I will only laugh as they are scared of me. My fire is all mighty. My power is all hardhearted. If they are fearful than I should be feared. I spit on anyone who is scared, because they frightened. Because they deserve it for not being as strong as me.

I was inevitable, my power was predictable, my rule was unavoidable. I have now destroyed weaker self. He was not strong enough to shun me. I spit on his grave. I laugh at his memory. They say that I am insane. But they just fear my authority. My power! Now I wait. My fire is all mighty. My power is all hardhearted. My rule is unavoidable. I will make them fear me. And I will make them pay for it. For the weak must die, and the strong will strive. You will see. And You will fear.

The author's comments:
This story does NOT relfect how I think of power or fear in anyway shape or form.

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