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Beware of Wolf 2: Tim's Revenge (Part 1)

October 22, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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Ironically, dreams are what drives our reality." - myself

"Revenge, at first though sweet, bitter ere long back on itself recoils." - John Milton

After the death of his brother, John, Tim hasn't been the same. All that is on his mind, since then is wolves and revenge. Tim's mind is so riddled with thoughts of revenge that he often stares off into space, in an almost catatonic like state for hours at a time, just thinking of a way to take revenge on the very wolves who took his brother's life on that fateful day in the Yellowcreek Forrest. Now, Tim has decided to return to the Yellowcreek Forrest, but this time armed with a 9mm automatic handgun and several magazine clips. This is where the story begins.

"I'll show those f***ing wolves, who's boss. I'm going to send them straight to Hell, where they belong", says Tim to himself, looking at himself in his car's front mirror. Judging by Tim's appearance, it seems as if he hasn't had a shower in weeks and from all the anxiety and depression, he received from the death of his brother, John, his eyes are blood shot red and his face is covered with beard stubble from not shaving. At this moment, Tim is driving his old, rusty, brown 1973 Ford Mustang, down an empty road heading toward the Yellow Creek Forrest. Outside of the car, evening is approaching and the sky is filled with brilliant colors of orange, purple and pink, as the sun set over the horizon, beneath the trees which occupied the Yellow Creek Forrest. "I'll show them", says Tim as he opens up the glove compartment across from him, next to the passenger side and takes some unlabelled pills out of a small white jar from within the glove compartment and swallows them whole. "They'll pay for what they did to me...for what they did to my brother." Tim then feels a relaxing sensation circulate throughout his entire body and for a moment, his eyes rolled to the back of his head in pure ecstasy. "That was some good s***t", says Tim to himself. Up ahead, a sign is mounted on top of a grassy plain, next to the road, that read: "Welcome To The Yellowcreek Forrest."

Three minutes later, Tim is outside of his parked car, next to the entry into the Yellowcreek Forrest. "I gotta do this", says Tim as he takes his 9mm automatic handgun from his holster, wrapped around his waste under his shirt and loads it with a magazine clip, he took out of his right pants pocket. Tim then took a few steps, before he abruptly stopped, almost dropping his gun from his right hand as he put his left hand on his forehead as echos of his past intruded upon his mind. "John", says Tim to himself. "I should of been the one to go out to face the wolves." "It's alright, Tim", says a disembodied voice coming from within the forest in front of him. "What was that?", says Tim. There was no response. "Must be from the pills, I took", says Tim. "Must be..." Tim then shakes his head, trying to stop troubling thoughts and walks on into the forest, in front of him.

Tim walked deeper and deeper into the forest. He walked past many trees, who have lived longer than he has and many bushes that weren't even here when his brother died. Above the forest, the sun has already set, giving the night sky a dark purple hue and almost blinds Tim's vision as he walks through the forest. As Tim walks on into the forest, he thinks. Thinks deeply. His thoughts surrounded by revenge. He wonders, does killing the wolves with a gun, really satisfy him or would he rather kill them with his bare hands or would he rather kill them with his teeth like they did to his brother. An eye for an eye, Tim thinks to himself. The very thought of the ways in which he would kill the wolves, made Tim slightly drool at the mouth, making saliva drip down his lips onto the leaf and dirt covered forest ground. Tim then feels a mind numbing sensation surge throughout his entire body. Tim then puts his left hand on his forehand and his gun falls from his right hand onto the dirty, forest ground. Tim then puts his right hand on his forehand, also, in which memories of his past intruded upon his mind once more in what he thought was an apex of his high that he received from swallowing those mind altering pills. "Those god damn pills", says Tim to himself. "Get out of the forest, Tim. You have no business, here. Get out, now!", says a disembodied voice coming from within the forest. Tim then swerves around, looking in every direction possible, in his surroundings, to see where that strange voice was coming from. "Who's there?!", says Tim. "Get out, Tim. What's wrong with him? Is he okay?", says the disembodied voice. "Leave now! It's okay, Tim. It wasn't your fault." "Leave me alone!", yells Tim. "Who are you?! Who are you?!", says Tim as he drops to his knees. "What do you want from me?!" Tim then begins to cry as the voices continue. "What's wrong with him? Poor guy. Tim, leave now! It's not worth it. Go back, now, while you still can", says the disembodied voice. "Go away! You're not real!", says Tim as he collapses on the forest ground.

A few hours later, Tim awoke to the sound of a howl, which echoed throughout the entire forest. "What happened?", says Tim as he gets up from off of the forest ground and picks up his gun. "Jesus Christ, the dude, who sold me these pills was serious when he told me that it was some strong stuff." Tim then shakes his head and walks on into the forest. Tim walks deeper and deeper into the forest and sees a cabin, up ahead. "I recognize that", says Tim to himself. Tim walks closer and closer in the direction of the cabin and hears someone screaming in pain. "Help me! Somebody please help me!", yells the man. "I'm coming!", yells Tim. Tim then runs in the direction of the cabin. Tim ran as fast as he could to aid the man in need and as he neared the cabin, he saw five wolves next to cabin, eating something. "Oh my God", says Tim under his breath. "I'm coming! Don't worry!", yells Tim as he neared the cabin. "Help!", yells the man. Tim then ran up to the cabin, next to the wolves, tearing at the man's flesh. The man screamed, frantically as the wolves sank their razor sharp teeth into his body, tearing out chunks of flesh from various spots on his body and the chunks of flesh, slowing sliding down their throats and the look on the man's face was of pure panic and fright. Tim then pointed his 9mm automatic handgun at point blank range at one of the wolves' head and let out a shot. The gun blast, echoed throughout the entire forest, making a few birds resting on a tree branch, fly away into the distance. The wolf that got shot in the head, collapsed on the forest ground, dead. A pool of blood, layed beside the fallen wolf's head, on the grassy, forest ground. Tim then repeated the same thing with the four remaining wolves, killing all of them, leaving gun shot wounds in the middle of their forehands, yet the wolves' eyes remained open. Eyes as red as blood stared back at Tim and white, soapy foam dripped from the dead wolves' open mouths. "Thank you. Thank you", says the man laying on the forest ground, covered in blood. "Here, let me help you up", says Tim. Tim then reached out his hand and helped the man onto his feet. "Thank you very much. I was almost killed", says the man. "No problem", says Tim. "Can you give me a napkin to wipe the blood off of my face? It's really stinging my eyes", says the man. The man's face is crimson red from blood and his face wasn't the only thing that was covered in blood, huge blood stains ran up and down his shirt and jeans. "Okay", says Tim as he reaches into his left pants pocket and takes out a napkin. Tim then hands the man, the napkin and the man then wipes his face with it. The color of the napkin went from that of dove white to cherry red in just a matter of moments. "Thank you", says the man. "You're welcome", says Tim. "You want me to take you to the hospital?" "No, I'll be alright", says the man. "Okay, are you sure? Those wolves messed you up, pretty bad", says Tim. "Yes, I'm sure", says the man. "Oh okay", says Tim. After the man was done wiping all the blood from off of his face, Tim thought that he looked strangely familiar. "Oh my God", says Tim as a wave of shock and confusion washes over his face because the man standing in front of him is not a stranger, but his dead brother, John. "John?", says Tim with a shocked voice. "Yes, Tim. Now, get out of the forest!", yells John as he lunges at Tim, knocking him onto the forest ground. "What are you doing?!", yells Tim. John then stands over a shocked Tim, with a menacing look on his face. "I'm going to do something that I should of done a long time ago", says John as he jumps on Tim and bites his neck, ripping into his flesh with his teeth, as blood streamed down from John's mouth.

The author's comments:
This is a story in that as it goes on, the main character's sense of reality comes into question until the very end.

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