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Revival And Death

December 12, 2021
By IrisYe GOLD, Shanghai, Other
IrisYe GOLD, Shanghai, Other
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It is the time for death, it is the time for revenge. Standing on the top of an abandoned industrial building, I see the police vigilantly watching, my heartbeat approaches, and I will do anything for it. “Thump, thump”, the speed of the beat rapidly increases, and I know that’s what I’m looking for. So, I creep downstairs, preparing a tube of concentrated tranquilizer. My enemy alertly observes but fails to see me, so I welcome my “guest” by stabbing him in his back. Without reacting, my “guest” collapses, but the heartbeat remains. Hauling him to the operation table, I will soon get my “heart”. I stare at the photo and know I have to start the operation. Lancet slowly cuts open the chest so I am able to see the life-saving heart. Pumping vigorously, the heart is held by my two hands. I turn to the right, where my dad lies, gently transfer the heart in my dad’s pale body. The heartbeat returns to normal, and so my dad’s body adopts the heart. I scrutinize organs in his body and find all lungs, kidneys, pancreas, liver, and the crucial heart ready, feeling the hope. Sirens of police cars become intense, but I am not afraid. From the time I decide on revenge, I become fearless of death. The police killed my dad, and so he has to pay the price. The heart must come from him, my dear “guest”. The revival of my dad is almost done, one thing left – blood to support life, keeping all the organs working. Besides the operation table, there is an elongated transfusion tube. Caressing my dad, I bid farewell to him. I plunge the syringe needle into my dad’s vessel, while the other side connects to my aorta. “Trickle, trickle, trickle”, I can hear the flow of blood. Although painful, I enjoy this sound because I know my dad is going to wake up. I clench the picture of my dad, almost seeing him standing in front of me. His body gradually gains color, and mine goes pale but I never regret it. It is time for revival, it is time for death.

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