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The Ninja

November 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a certain girl, Amber whose life seemed normal until the day before her16th birthday. On the day of this birthday she found out she was experiencing something different in her life. She was able to do front and back flips during soccer practice. Usually she had to work hard at soccer, but today she was doing very well in fact she scored her first goal. Before the practice ended she look up to the bleachers and there sitting was a man she later would find his name to be Wang-Wing Chow. He looked like a monk though he was not bald; he had a full head of hair. Through the whole day she kept on experiencing some strange stuff going on.

When Amber arrived home from that weird day, the door bell rang, she opened the door and saw the guy from the bleachers and he said Amber “I can help you” she said “WHO ARE YOU” And how do you know me”? “My name is Wang- Wing -- Chow” and I am your cousin. Okay… then why are you here” Amber said! Wang-Wing -- Chow said, “I am here on a mission to find you”! Why me, she said as she was closing the door on him. Wang- Wing- Chow exclaimed, I can tell you why you’re experiencing these feelings. She quickly opened the door again and said, “Ok start explaining”!

Wang-Wing-Chow told her “you’re very powerful and I want you to come and train with me.” I am sorry I do not want to, I hardly know you and I am running for homecoming queen, I won’t have time as he said as she ran into the house.” When she was running inside the house he said “ we are endangered and you need to help us you are the most powerful one”.

The next day it was Amber’s birthday and she saw Wang- Wing -- Chow again as she was getting into her friends car. She asked them to drive very fast so he would lose them. Wang- Wing- Chow tried to chase her and catch up to them. Soon he decides to follow them to school. When she got out from one of her classes she saw him and ran the other way. He caught up to her and he said, why are you trying to avoid “the gift”. She said “WHAT GIFT, THIS IS NOT GIFT”!!! He replied, “Being a ninja is not a gift”? If you train with me then you’ll understand more. “Well I just can’t”, and off to class she went with her friends.

A couple of weeks went by and Amber was still saying NO about the whole ninja thing. Wang- Wing -- Chow again was constantly annoying her about becoming a ninja. When she was walking home she was thinking about the whole ninja thing and how it would be sort of cool if she could become a ninja. At times she was thinking of what being ninja would be like and having some super powers she began to think it might be thrilling. While she was walking home she came up with an idea of how she might be able to do both; become a ninja and be homecoming queen before Claudia does. Amber said, “Oh wow I am smart Haha “☺!!!

When Amber got home from school her Grandma was there and she was playing with the goldfish. Then Amber said “Grandma can we talk”? Her Grandma said “why sure why not! They had a long talk about being a ninja and her Grandma told Amber that she was a ninja for twenty years! Amber finally made her decision about the whole ninja thing!! She was wondering what her friends would think about her becoming a ninja. Maybe she just won’t tell them quite yet.

When Wang -Wing -Chow came over to try to convince Amber to become a ninja. She said, “ You don’t even have to try and convince me I have made up my mind and I will help you!” ok ☺ when do we get started with the training!! Amber exclaimed “ wait hold up we have to go over some rules ok”!! NO following, me, DON’T talk to me in public; I don’t want any tricks or weirdness around my friends either. That’s all for now -ok!! We can start training after school and find a place where NO one can see us. Ok! Then Wang -Wing -- Chow said “ why not now?” Amber replied “ because its my sleeping day.” He said “ well you’re already awake so why don’t you come and train with me now! She said, “ Well I may go to sleep. Then a LONG pause! Amber said she would start training tomorrow, and then closed the door on him. Wang -Wing -- Chow very upset at her behavior push the door back open and yelled where and when are we going to meet?? I will see you tomorrow at school at 3:10 and we will go from there she replied.

Tomorrow came and Amber was very excited to start her training with Wang -Wing -- Chow. When Amber got out of school at 3:10 the first person she saw was Wang -Wing -- Chow. He had bags of strange equipment with him and she didn’t know what to think of it all. She stepped down the stairs toward him and said, “What is all this stuff”??? Wang -Wing -- Chow said well, it’s for the ninja training. Okay then, “bring the stuff and follow me ok”. Wang -Wing -- Chow was curious as to where she was taking him for the training session. A few minutes later they had reached their destination. It was a little place just outside of the school boundary. It was in the woods and there was a lot of space for training. She asked him “will this do”? Wang -Wing -- Chow said, “yes yes of course” how did you find this place?? Amber told him that when she was in fifth grade she and her friend found it while exploring after school one day.

She explained to him that there were traps as well so he had better watch out! Wang-Wing -- Chow stepped back to setup up his training stuff. But into the trap he went: then it snapped him up and
He was hanging upside down before he realized what was happening! He started yelling “AMBER GET ME DOWN NOW”!!! Amber said “ ha ha ha ha that’s funny I forgot how funny it was! And then she said Ummm I forgot how to get you down! He continued to yell in panic “get me down NOW”!! She was starting to feel sorry for him so when he wasn’t looking she pulled the rope and he flipped out! Amber was hysterical the whole situation was so laughable. When he finally was able to get himself together after getting down he was NOT happy, and told Amber that what had happened was not humorous. Amber exclaimed “yes it was ☺” then Wang -Wing -- Chow became very serious about the Ninja training so they got to work on it right away.

Wang -Wing -- Chow began teaching the Ninja moves to Amber. The training started with some twisted moves, and flips and she caught on immediately and looked to be a talented young Ninja in the near future. He was thinking about her talent and how favorable she was responding to the training. He knew from the start she would be a great ninja from watching her do back flips and ninja moves that came naturally to her. A couple of weeks went by and Amber was doing extremely well in school and her training as a ninja was going better than she had imagined. Everything was coming together at first she thought the ninja training would be too much for her to handle with Homecoming just around the corner, soccer, wanting to spend time with friends at the mall. Wang -Wing -- Chow had kept his promise and was not following her around or talking to her in public. Amber was amazed. She believed he really wanted her to be successful as a ninja and continue with her life, as she knew it before she met him.

A month went by and training was going well with Wang-Wing-Chow, they were on the 10th lesson. Amber was learning something new each lesson. Her latest was doing a jump twist with a back flip and kick; she was mastering almost everything, though she did have some difficulty with the kick at the end of her latest move. She said to Wang-Wing-Chow “it feels weird to kick like that”. Amber was realizing from her ninja training that she was becoming a better soccer player. It was allowing her to be more agile. She was extremely pleased about this whole thing, and to think that she almost gave up being a ninja. It made her so happy when her soccer coach approached her and asked her to be a starter in the following week’s game against the toughest team.

Amber had no idea how much becoming a ninja would impact her life. She was becoming more popular, girls and boys that avoided her now wanted to be her friend. She was playing excellent soccer, had a social life better than she ever dreamed of and life was good. She now was even on the cheerleading squad for the football team and having the time of her life. Her social life had taken off and she was busy every minute she was awake. She thought that many of the boys on the football team were “Hot” her friend Lily had introduced her to them but she still was a little shy to talk with them by herself. She went to ninja training three times a week and was gaining confidence with every lesson she did. She amazed Wang-Wing-Chow each time he introduced something new how easily she learned. She was a natural at everything he taught her. He told her “you are my best student I have ever had and I enjoy teaching you so much that I wish you could come meet me everyday”.

To Amber’s amazement she had been asked to the Homecoming Dance, by Briggs he was the quarterback for the football team at school. He was the envy of all the girls in school, she was so pleased that she had met Wang-Wing-Chow and he had introduced her to the ninja program. She was wondering what more life had in store for her with this ninja thing.

The following week she was nominated for Homecoming Queen, which gave her such a fantastic feeling she didn’t even care if she won. Amber went shopping for a dress for Homecoming with her Grandmother, they both were having such a good time until they ran into Claudia who stopped them and said, “ I can’t believe they nominated you over me I am so much prettier. I hope you don’t win I want Charity to become Homecoming Queen not you”. Amber and her Grandmother couldn’t even respond they were in such amazement over the whole thing. They continued there shopping but they both were feeling sort of down after hearing Claudia’s comments.
Amber wondered if others were thinking the same thing and was sad as she went to bed that night. She called Wang-Wing- Chow and met him for another lesson to get Claudia off her mind. She had a good training and Wang- Wing- Chow wished her good luck as she left for home that evening. Voting for Homecoming King and Queen was the next day, she was trying to get excited for it.

When Amber woke up the next morning she hadn’t slept very well that night and was still tired, she thought of staying home from school that day but ended up going anyway. All she could think of, as she was getting ready for school was the end of the day when the voting would happen.
All through the day as she passed Claudia and Charity and their friends in the hallway she received dirty looks and whispers from them. She tried to ignore it but it was just too hard. In the bathroom during lunch she was in tears when her friend Lily walked in and saw what a bundle of nerves she was, so they started talking about something else and soon Amber forgot all about Claudia and her friends.

The last bell of the day rang and everyone was heading to homeroom for the voting to take place. There was lots of talk and excitement everywhere. The King and Queen would soon be announced. Amber had done her voting and was at her locker getting her things and believing that Charity would be crowned Queen for this year’s Homecoming. She was about to leave the school when the loud speaker came on and said that the votes were all in and they had some winners. Amber was in such suspense she could hardly stand it, and the only thing she remember after that is hearing her name over the loud speaker and Lily giving her the biggest hug ever as they ran out of the building jumping up and down together. Later that night when Amber was telling her Grandmother the whole story Lily called her to say that she had just heard that Briggs was going to be the King for Homecoming. Amber couldn’t believe they would be going together as Homecoming King and Queen.

Right before she was about to go to the dance she received a call from Wang -Wing -- Chow and he asked her to meet him in the forest. She said why though? I have something important to show you. She rushed out of the house as fast as she could and to see what was so important at this very minute. As she made her way to the forest she thought to herself, he better just want to talk. As she approaches the forest she sees Wang-Wing -- Chow She then came up with an idea, that maybe the “Evil one was here”. She began running faster and faster to get to the forest; she then sees Wang -Wing -- Chow. As she looked around she noticed big green thing beside him and it said to her HELLO WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU. Then the “Evil Thing” takes a big breath and becomes taller and stronger in seconds. She said Wang -Wing -- Chow I am not going to fight him now! Why not Amber? This could me a great day is we finish him off. The two of them started their ninja moves before the “Evil One” knew what hit him. As they yanked and pulled at him from all directions his skin started disappearing and soon he was a lump of green glue on the ground!
Wang-Wing -- Chow was right it was worth the battle to leave for Homecoming with such a great feeling inside.

Homecoming was a wondrous event, everything that Amber dreamed of. She wanted to cry as she was being crowned Queen of Homecoming. She and Briggs danced all night everyone there wanted to talk and spend time with them. They had been interviewed and were having pictures taken all night long. She had always wondered what her 16th year would be like and hoped that it would be a year to remember, but she never imagined it to be like this. She told her Grandmother it was like a dream that she had not woken up from yet, and thanked her for encouraging her to do the ninja training which all led her to becoming Homecoming Queen.

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