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October 28, 2008
By Anonymous

The soft in ward breathing of the female stood there silently in the dark room. Her eyes were forced open, from lack of sleep and fear. They were pierced wide open and she would jump slightly when she blinked. Her eyes stared at the wall and she then looked out at the large moon. It spilled light across the pale pavement. Aiden watched her reflection slowly from the moon light.
"Get me out of here." She begged, her eyes went up to the ceiling.

She was in the empty room alone and no one was near. The window was open and it let the cool air blow in the room. The window was barred and too high so that she couldn’t do anything. They took her weapons and anything she could use to escape. She walked loudly over to the door and put her ear up against the cold wood. It rattled slightly at the weight put against it, though nothing could be heard from the outside.

Aiden heard footsteps getting closer and she quickly pulled away with a silent gasp. Returning her ear to the door she listened carefully.

"What do we do with her?" The hiss came from far away. It was a deep voice. Nothing she had expected.

Nathaniel smiled softly. "We wait till she dies. Bring her to this address. Then we flee." Nodding carefully he shoved a large piece of paper in the other male's hand.

Opening the piece of paper he looked at the scraggly words. They were cut out one by one put like a serial killer’s note. Wallaby road. There were no numbers, or exact location, simply just the road. The deeper voiced male soaked in the air and nodded obediently, like he wanted nothing to do with this. The footsteps came closer, and then were right in front of her. Aiden pulled away in shock ready to gasp once more but her own hand cupped over her pale lips. Scrambling quickly she pulled herself over to the corner and closed her eyes closed and she stopped her breathing.

The kidnapper (Nathaniel to be exact), strode over and looked the young girl in the eye. He bent down his fingers ran down her cheek. Aiden refrained from jumping up and held her breath even longer. Her face was becoming paler and she knew she couldn't take it much longer.

The anonymous large male picked Aiden up swiftly and slung her over his shoulder. She gasped for air, her hazel eyes pierced open and she looked at the room disappearing behind her. The male tossed her around, and she let her body go limp. She heard the sound of a car, and scuffling with several other noises.

"Put her in the trunk." Nathaniel demanded his eyes narrowing.

She was thrown in the trunk of a small car that was apparently stolen, and it all closed behind her. She tried to move from her position on her back though it was impossible. Her legs were now tied together, and she couldn't move. The howl of an automobile screamed, and then she could feel the ground moving beneath her. Aiden rolled slightly and then an 'oomph' pushed through her lips as she was rolled across the back on the car. The muffled sounds were heard from the front of the car, and it sounded like fighting. Aiden rolled her eyes. The breaks of the car squealed and she cringed. Closing her eyes tight she caught her breath and, she was lifted again. Someone knocked on a door and, other muffled voices emoted.

"We have the kid." Nathaniel and the larger man spoke, at the same time. There voices tangled together. The door closed behind them. It was Wallaby road.

When she awoke, she felt groggy and strange. Her body didn’t feel right; and it was aching. Aiden was sprawled across the hard concrete floor with a bed (a mat if you want to call it that) then a small bucket. A smug grin pushed to her lips. That was very strange, though amusing at the same time. Standing up carefully she stretched her arms which popped at the lack of movement. She moved over to the mat wobbling slightly, and plopped herself down. It wasn’t that comfortable, but it was better than the cold ground. Pulling her knees up to the top of her nose, hazel eyes stared into something unknown.

Soon there was soft mumbling out side. Aiden only recognized two of the voices. She could recognize the voice of Nathaniel, but not the others. There were new people in the room too. A female – which voice was soft and angelic, and then another man who Aiden hadn’t really identified yet.
“You know she’s not dead,” the light female voice whispered quietly, though it appeared irritated.
“Well we didn’t know that!” The deeper voice outraged in anger, like he was in trouble.
“If Bryan would be quiet then maybe we can figure that out, what do you think?” Nathaniel scolded – his bright golden orange eyes blazed with outrage, glancing between the female and Bryan. Irritated with the irrational fighting. Turning around on his heels, Nathaniel swiftly moved across the floor with no ease.

Aiden was still pleasantly sitting in the room, hazel eyes still staring in the same place; she was rocking back and forth on her rump. Aiden’s eyes were glossed with fear. Nathaniel suddenly burst through the door and, she gasped quickly. He stared at her wide-eyed anger was outraged in his eyes.

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witchwallow said...
on Dec. 9 2014 at 6:45 pm
witchwallow, Los Gatos, California
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Indeed a nice begining, the rest could use some work but the story line is put together nicely. The only mistakes are minor. Keep writing! Please look at my work and comment too, I want to see what others think of my work ;) Hope to see u soon!  

AeneanSidera said...
on Jan. 27 2013 at 1:56 pm
NICE beginning :)