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December 29, 2008
By Nicole Mucci BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Nicole Mucci BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Imagine the terror of living in pure nothingness. The only soul alive in this sub-universe is you; in fact, you are the only sign of life or existence noticeable. In this place there are no boundaries, walls, skies, or ground to place your feet. It feels as if you are the only three dimensional object and are enclosed by complete, blank whiteness. Everywhere is pure, bright white and only white. You spin around in all directions and see nothing but this mocking boredom; this lack of any color, of vibrancy. You think of the irony, recalling a thought you had last week about your tedious job and relationships, and how you would take it back in an instant, take anything back in replacement of this white world. You try to speak, call out for anyone that may be out there in the unending place, but your own voice cannot be heard once words escape your lips, as if the emptiness swallowed your proclamation of plea to keep the absence of anything but yourself. It is like a television show when you mute the volume but can still see the actor’s lips moving when sounds do not reach your ears. Your mind now begins to race, and the whiteness drives you to insanity. You believe you are losing your mind, or are somehow inside your own mind, or are dead, stuck in a place called nowhere, where nothing exists. You feel wedged between the pages of an unwritten book with blank pages. No story, just like this place.

Trying to get away, you begin to run, and then sprint, but the whiteness is not getting any closer. You are stuck running on a conveyer belt, and the boundary is like a mirage that may only be an idea, an abstract thought never to be reach, touched, or seen. Coming to a realization, you believe that you are in no physical place, for this thing, this idea is far more dreadful than anything imaginable on earth. You are held in the clutches of the never ending existence after life. You are in a place called forever.

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on Jan. 17 2009 at 4:59 am
Brilliant! You have quite a talent. I think you ought to continue writing like that. Every detail was beautifully spun; the work of a genius.

Angelove said...
on Jan. 14 2009 at 11:45 pm
wow. i really like this and the suspense of it. very nice!