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Gem Stone Girlz part 1

November 15, 2008
By Anonymous

A long Time Ago there was a Gem Stone Castle. Everything was peaceful. The flowers were always blooming. Then Sheeba came and attacked the castle. Its now been 16 years since that happened. What happened to the princesses and guardians? Well lets find out.

Jenny Mondragon was walking in the park with her 11 sisters. She was the oldest. They have been in an orpahanage since she could remember. "Jen' do we have to keep walking?" Meena the youngest asked. "Ok everyone take 5!" Jenny complained. The air whipped Susan's hair in front of her face. "So Jenny do you think our real mom would love walking in the woods?" Amythyst asked. "Well All I remember is us always dancing, walking around in the woods all the time and two other people." Jenny said. "Well, I'm going to go get some ice-cream at Izzy's Ice - Cream Parlor Anyone want to come with me?" Holly asked. "We'll all go!" Aqua said.
As Amethyst walked with her sisters she started getting the feeling that someone was watching them. After they finished their ice-cream Jenny said "Girls we need to go home!"
When they got home Susan and Meena started singing.
"If I could wish for one thing,
I'd take the smile that you bring,
Where ever you go in this world I'll come along,
Together We Dream the same dream,
forever I'm here for you you're here for me,
Whoa oh oh two voices one song,
And anywhere you are,
I'll always be around,
And when you call my name I'll listen for the sound" The two sang.
"If I could wish for one thing I'd take the smile that you bring!" Susan sang.
"Where ever you go in this world I'll come along!" Meena sang.
Then they started singing the chorus again.
A minute later the two stopped.
"Great job you two!" Amethyst said.
"Thanks!" Susan and Meena giggled. Meena blushed a deep red. Susan got up and went to her booklet of songs and started writing a song called 'Twelve Sisters'.
"So, what do you guys want for supper?" Ruby asked. "Pizza!" "Spaghetti!" "Pancakes!" Ruby heard a whole bunch of names called at her mixed together.
"Well I'll make a surprise!" Ruby said, "Olivia can you come help me?"
"Sure." Olivia said. Ruby and Olivia went in the kitchen and started cooking a surprise.
Ella picked up her brush and started brushing her long red hair. "Guys, when is the school dance?" Ella asked. "Ella, it's next week on friday!" April complained.
Topaz went to her room she shared with Meena and got out her jeweled necklace and matching earrings. She put them on and sighed as she looked in the mirror.
In the living room Meena, Aqua, Amethyst, Alex, April, Jenny, Holly, and Susan were fighting over the radio. "We are going to listen to OPRAH!" Alex yelled. "NO ROCK!" Holly said. "NO! NO! Country!" Jenny yelled. "Why not soothing melodies?" Aqua said. "Why not heavy METAL!" April asked. "I agree to that!" Amethyst said.
All the girls ran to their own bathroom areas. (Whatever color their birthstone was thats what their stuff was colored.)
Susan was the third at the table. They were having: chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, desert was chocolate cake, and their drink was tea or soda. "This is good!" Alex said.
"Well thank Olivia she made her special tea and most of the chicken with her famous sauce.
"Michael, we need to go tell them their secret their lives are in danger if Sheeba get's a hold of them -" Miranda cried.
"I know, my dearest Miranda!" Michael interrupted.
"Well, when shall we tell them?" Miranda asked.
"Why not tomorrow night?" Michael asked.
"How will we make them believe us?" Miranda asked.
"We will show them the message that their ...mother left them!" Michael said stuttering when he said 'Mother'.
"Good Idea!" Miranda said, "Now where is the message?"
"Ugh?" Michael thought.
"You don't know where it is do you?" Miranda asked.
"!" Michael said.
"You Idiot!" Miranda yelled.
"So who's turn is it to start our new book 'The Gem Stone castle'?" Meena asked.
"I guess it's mine!" Holly said.
"Come on start!" April yelled.
"Ahem," Holly said as she opened the book to the first page,
"Along time ago their was a castle but not just any castle 'The Gem Stone Castle'. In that castle lived 12 Princesses, two guardians, and A King and A Queen........"
A couple minutes past and all the girls were asleep. Holly shut the book, went to her bed and shut the light off.

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on Sep. 25 2018 at 2:24 pm
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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This is a cool story and I want to know what happens next. A few suggestions, proofread your writing, because there are some spelling and grammar errors that make the story a little confusing. But that's it, and I think this idea is really cool.