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Short Story

November 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Short stories are written to be read in one sitting. Their words are between five hundred and five-hundred-thousand. Yet, not every one is written in one sitting. It can take days to years at the extreme.
To wield the pen is to have power. It’s to change the world around you and in the process make your own. A world where the antagonists can be imps and satyrs that get you when you’re least expecting it. A world where a traversing guy turns out to be a chivalric prince that saves you. The way he saves you is by smiting the antagonists with his mighty sword.
Afterwards, a zephyr goes through the prince’s hair. It makes him look quite chivalrous. You smile, and come to a congenial state; you want to go with him.
He brings you to a quaint cottage. He calls it his “summer home.” You stare in shock; you’ve never seen a cottage like with it’s the many beautiful briars of different sized and colored roses around it.
An old, chubby man with a monocle walks out of the cottage. He reveals himself to be the father of the prince. He welcomes you and says, “Nothing will ravage your mind again. You are now and forever safe.’’ He takes you inside.
You smile because you’re happy and in love. Nobody can cause you to be a thing of derision. (Even if your dress is daubed with dirt.)
Suddenly you question, Will this turn out to be a dissolution you’ve always wanted – a happily ever after?
Now, I will leave you a final quote, “Hold the pen, and wield it. Dream, create, write and complete it. Then have the joy of seeing it out there. Just believe! Good luck to all!”

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