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September 1, 2014
By Storyteller13 PLATINUM, Monticello, Illinois
Storyteller13 PLATINUM, Monticello, Illinois
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Playing a role, that easy, but being yourself, that's a challenge.

- Ms. Darbus (HSM3)

     Every morning I wake up and do the same things. Hit the silencer on my alarm clock (it’s 6:25 AM). Fold back the covers and get out of bed (my covers are white, and my slippers are too). I go to down to the Cleansing Room and clean myself off (it smells like lilacs). I get dressed in a white shirt a white skirt (same as all the other girls my age). And I go downstairs to eat Wheat Chips with my parents and older brother.

     “How did you sleep?” My mother asks me every morning.

     “Fine,” I say every morning. My brother says the same thing. My mom pours the same amount of milk on my Wheat Chips every morning. I have a glass of juice (apple).

     My brother and I leave for school at the same time (7:45). The sleek white TrainBus arrives exactly on time. We get on and find our seats (Row 34, Seats 3 and 4). The people next to us smile and wave. We smile and wave back.

     The TrainBus arrives at our school on time every day(7:53). I go to my first class (Physics), and my brother goes to his (Advanced Chemistry).

     The school lunch is the same everyday (Ham and Cheese sandwich, 2% Milk, and a small cookie). The rest of the day progresses.

     The school day ends on time (3:15). And my brother and I get on the TrainBus home. We get home at the same time everyday (3:22). We get a snack of Corn Bites, and watch a half hour of cartoons (the same show every day).

     We do our homework. We eat dinner (Mashed potatoes, lean meat, and carrots). I go to bed after reading time. Its 8:00.

     I relish the routine. Everyday is the same. No deviation. Everything is perfect.


     Except today.

     Today I woke up early.

     My slippers were gone.

     My cleaning time smells like raspberries.

     My skirt and shirt is dirty.

     My brother is not up yet.

     My Mother pours too much milk in my cereal (which is not Corn Chips).

     We almost miss the the TrainBus.

     I’m late for Physics.

     I miss the first TrainBus Home.


     And when I get home, a large black van is waiting for me. A tall man blocks the way to my house. I stop and wait. The man is dressed in a black suit and tie. He wears reflective lenses over his eyes. He is from the IA (Infraction Agency). I am scared. I broke the routine. I’m going to disappear for a while. I won’t be the same when I get back


     When I come back I’m not the same. I do everything without hesitation. No questions. No deviation. My friends have left me. I sit alone because say the same thing every day. Nothing different.


     “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye” “Hello” “How are you” “I am fine” “Goodbye” “Funny” “Bye”


     Every Day

     No change


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