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January 3, 2013
By londongirl90 SILVER, Hanworth, Other
londongirl90 SILVER, Hanworth, Other
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I was in London. I was running. I didn't know why. It was like my legs had a mind of their own. I couldn't control them. The intensity of the cities lights were blinding me. My legs were getting progressively faster. They kept trembling and threatening to give way. But they didn't stop. The path in front of me wasn't ending, the faster I got, the longer the path expanded. I could hear clock chimes behind me, loud and deafening. I turned around to see Big Ben towering over me, dwarfing me into a tiny little figure. It was chasing me. The chimes didn't stop, they just got louder and louder. The clock hands were flying around wildly, clockwise and then anticlockwise. I tried to scream but I couldn't, my tongue was too thick for my mouth, it just hung out like a puppy. No one was around. But I could hear footsteps running behind me. High heels. Big boots. Tiny little pitter patters from children's feet. It was like the city was chasing me. I was sweating. The sweat poured out of my face like it was a fountain. My arms wouldn't move to wipe it away. They were pumping up and down as my legs powered through the city. The ground beneath me started to feel light. It felt like my shoes were filled with sand. I glanced down to see I was rising above the ground. I just kept running, I don't why. I was accelerating over London's horizon. Everything was still behind me soaring through the sky, trying to catch up with me. I started to slow down. I started to fall fast through the air. My arms and legs loosened up. My whole body felt like jelly. My slender-man arms were wiggling wildly above me. My feet finally touched the ground and the rest of my body alighted back to normal.
I was still travelling fast across this ever expanding path. But I wasn't running anymore. I was just walking. The chimes had disappeared and everything just came to a sudden halt. The whole city just stopped. It was silent. But I didn't feel right.
There was a strange sensation travelling from my ankles to my thighs.
I looked down to see my feet had turned into stumps. I was starting to woddle, It was like I was on stilts. Suddenly, my legs started to melt away, like they were burning candles. All that was left of me was my torso, arms and head. I was bouncing down the path by my hips. My torso and legs fizzled away and all that existed of me was my head. The last thing that happened was my head sinking through the ground, like it was quick sand. I took one last glimpse of London as I shut my eyes and went under.

I jolted out of my sleep as I suddenly came back to Earth. Panting vigorously, I reached over to my bedside table to grab my glass of water. My brain started to adjust to reality when I started to thank god it was just a dream...

The author's comments:
I basically brainstormed every single dream that I can remember having, and rewrote them all into one large one.

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